Monday, 12 June 2017

City Marble: A Brand New Concept by CaseCompany

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
I was recently contacted by the lovely folk at CaseCompany who introduced me to their brand new concept called City Marble. City Marble is a brand new and unique way to create your next phone case or laptop sleeve.

I was really intrigued by this concept and couldn't wait to try it out for myself! All you need to do is chose what brand you are going for (Iphone, Samsung, Laptop case, etc), the model and then the case of cover you prefer (transparent, hard case, soft case, flip case) and then design. For the design, you type in a place in the world and it automatically generates a map of the chosen destination. Think google maps but on a phone case. They also have a choice of style options to give it that extra quirkiness to the designs.

At first I was unsure of what destination I should pick, so naturally did the classic thing of searching for my hometown, out of pure intrigue more than anything. So original I know! haha. Then I sat back and thought about it more carefully and that it'd be more interesting and also out of sheer curiosity for me if I picked one of my favourite destinations and have the website generate the map for that instead. Of course I went for Orlando Florida. I did originally search for the Disney Parks and also hotels but preferred Orlando as a whole instead. What better way to have a memory of one of my favourite places and can carry it around with me. Once I had my destination, I then decided on the colours, there is a few options all of which create gorgeous imagery. My personal favourite was this red, blue and yellow one as it reminded me of Piet Mondrian's work with it's colour scheme. You also have a selection of images to place over the top, such as emojis, however for mine I felt the map stood out strongly on it's own, so kept it as is. You can also adjust the zoom as well so you can create a broader space of the map to be included or a more specific area. For me, design wise, I preferred zooming out and covering a larger area, as the maps design was more fascinating to me. It also arrived with this really cute bag and a sticker saying 'you are awesome' which was a lovely touch.
Right now CaseCompany are offering a 15% discount off CityMarble cases and laptop sleeves when you order before the 30th June with code: CITYMARBLE15 at the checkout, so make sure to check them out and treat yourself or a loved one (father's day present anyone?) to one of these beautiful, personalised cases.
Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you think of this concept below & what destination you would pick :)


  1. Such a cool concept! I've always loved a customised phone case. Might consider getting one after I replace my broken phone :) Thanks for sharing! <3

    yanrula x

    1. Thanks the comment Yanrula :D it's really interesting isn't it! I'd never came across anything like this before hand. Let me know what you go for if you decided to create one :D xx

  2. Great article.

  3. Loved this case!


  4. This is kind of new and cool concept of making personalized phone cases. I heard this first time. Custom phone cases are very popular so I think this concept is going to blow mind of all the custom phone case lovers including me. Thanks for sharing. That covers looks very good and stylish.

    Design your own phone case at Miniturtle.com

    1. Yeah definitely! The concept definitely blew my mind that's for sure :D and no problem! Thanks for commenting Kevin! Glad you like the case :)

  5. This is a very cool concept for iPhone case!
    So edgy looking, I would love to have it x


    1. I agree! It's very interesting how they came up with the concept too, I think it gives it that edge for sure :D thanks for commenting Arinda! :D xx


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