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March 19, 2013

The Luck Of The Irish | St Patrick's Day 2013

TOP O' THA MARNIN TEE YA LADDY! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day so my friend Lucy and I decided to go out and celebrate it as neither of us have ever done so before (shameful). Revolution Bar had a few special drinks just for occasion such as these little mini Guinness shots shown below which were quite tasty.

After Revolution we then decided to venture into a new bar called Life Of Riley's which had a live Irish Folk band playing for a few hours. The music was brilliant, very upbeat and they played such iconic songs like 'A Town Called Malice' too which was a good mix. Then after they finished their set, the DJ played cheesy, school disco, 90s tunes such as The Venga Boys and S Club haha! I loved it! :D Then he held a dance contest where we had to throw serious shapes to the soundtrack of Kenny Loggins' 'Footloose' and the winners would get a prize. Naturally I went all in to try and win the prize but sadly we didn't bring home the bottle of champagne but I left firmly with somewhat of my dignity in tact and some brilliant memories, ha! I also made it my mission for the night to score one of those giant Guinness hats and as you can see it was a success! In true St Patrick's Day fashion, we also got ourselves a pint of Guinness to toast the occasion ;) I have never tried it before until last night but found it to be really smooth and tasty :D Happy days!

And lastly, just a short outfit post to show what we both wore before we ventured out. I was pretty much head to toe in Topshop! Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day too! :D

Thanks for reading! <3
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