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Sunday, 14 July 2019

My Goals For 2019 Revisited: 6 Months On

At the start of this year I did a post about my goals for 2019. Now that we are already half way through the year (already?!), I thought today I'd review those goals and discuss how I've been getting on with them, what is going well and what needs some work. Let's dive in:


Saturday, 22 June 2019

5 Must Visit Places In Vladivostok

If you are planning the holiday of a lifetime on the Trans-Siberian Railway and are including Vladivostok to your itinerary, there are many interesting venues to see. This is the Eastern most city in Russia and Vladivostok has a long and colourful history, while also being the main base for the Russian navy. In order to help you plan the perfect holiday, here are a few of the best local attractions in the unique city of Vladivostok.