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December 22, 2016

Work's Christmas Dinner at Sohe, Newcastle

Today was our work's annual Christmas dinner. After having such an amazing time last year, I couldn't wait to see what this one held. Although part of the afternoon/evening got slightly spoiled by something out of work related but despite the stress I had originally been feeling from it, I did manage to keep myself positive and present in the moment for the remainder of the night, but I definitely didn't make the most of it like I did last time which was a shame. Hopefully next year will be much better.

It was decided this year that we'd be mixing things up and not going for the traditional Christmas dinner and instead going for a pan-Asian restaurant called Sohe on Osborne Road in Newcastle. With the mix of Asian cuisine which I've only just started to try in more recent years and a set menu, I was unsure of whether I'd find anything I liked but forever the optimist, I thought I'd try my best to give it a go. There was such food like galouti kebab and tom yum goong soup, crispy malaysian katsu (panko crumbed turkey) and gyu donburi (shredded beef with carrots and broccoli) and togarashi salmon (Japanese 7 spiced salon fillet) with a dessert of yuzu and white chocolate torte. I admit I didn't enjoy the food as much as I did the previous year. I was pleased to have tried it but I think it was quite adventurous to what I'm used to but I think if you enjoy Asian cuisine, you'd probably enjoy it far more than I did. 

The place itself though was gorgeous! Annoyingly I didn't take many photographs at the time (too busy talking as always haha!) but the decor inside was really eye catching. There was so many pretty details inside.

Although I wasn't keen on the food, there was one thing I couldn't fault the place on, the cocktails! Not only did they have some cool names; Empire of the Sun (great band btw!), Geisha in the city, etc. They also tasted delicious! I'd definitely visit again for the cocktails and gorgeous decor that is for sure!

After the meal we went to a few bars for drinks afterwards, with the mini drama from earlier putting a bit of a dampener on the evening for me, I didn't quite feel in the right frame of mind to stay out as late as I usually would so I called it a night a few bars later. I'm determined to make next year better!

Thanks for reading! And Merry Christmas to you all!

97 Osborne Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
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