Friday, 28 June 2019


Hello everyone! I have been slowly but surely getting around to editing more videos for my Youtube channel. I have such a backlog of video footage from various trips I have been fortunate to have been on to compile together and share. It took me a while but my New York Vlog is now live. I decided to experiment with the footage and create both a series of shorter videos and then a full version which is a longer video combining the four shorter videos. Although originally they all had similar views, I found after a while the viewers preferred the full version the most so I have decided to leave that video up. However, I also noticed that the first shorter video of the series I put together, "NYE in NYC" has become my most viewed video to date (thank you!) so I decided to keep that one visible as well and remove the rest of the shorter videos.

I think going forward for my next set of travel vlogs, the amount of videos that go out per travel destination will depend solely on the amount of footage I have. Although I hear that longer videos are apparently better for Youtube monetisation, I'm not really about all that right now, I just want to continue to develop what tiny skills I have in video editing. I do find that to edit these montages with music playing over the top, it is slightly easier to do as a shorter video and personally I find they work better, but I'll see next time.

In my more recent adventures I have tried to build up the courage to speak in the videos here and there which I may eventually share once I stop cringing at myself ha! But in the meantime this is what I have been working on. I have created two travel vlogs from my trip to New York back in 2017. Just click the thumbnails or the links underneath the images to watch them over on my channel. I hope you like them! :)

Watch New York Part One:

Watch The Extended Version Of My New York Vlog:

Thanks for reading!

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