Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve Prep. 2012

Hello lovelies!
As we all know, tonight is the last night of 2012! And what a year it has been! One of the best I've had in a long time I think :) I feel like I have done so much, made new friends and have made some brilliant memories that I can carry into the new year :) Although a part of me has a really annoying niggly feeling that something bad is going to happen in 2013 and it makes me a little uneasy, however regardless of that I will try to remain positive! Anyway for tonight's post, I've decided to go all out and do a sort of 'get ready with me' type post on how I prepared myself before going out tonight:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Snow Day!

Hello lovelies!
I came out of University today and noticed how incredible the snow was! I rushed home to check if it had settled in the garden and it had turned into a winter wonderland! I decided to put off doing some uni work for a few hours to make the most of the fabulous weather and create a little snowman. I love seeing the first sight of snow, where the ground is like a pure white blanket and then making the first foot print and hearing that crisp crunch of the snow under my feet. When the weather is like this it always brings back happy memories of my old house, where my brother and I, with the help of our friends would roll the snow in the garden into big lumps and try and make the best snowpeople and dress them in our old hats, gloves and scarves or make snow angels. Aww! Happy memories! :)
Hat & Coat: River Island, Gloves: Matalan, Wellies: H by Henry Holland
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Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Day Trip To York

Hello lovelies!
Today has been a brilliant day! Three of my best friends and I took the train down to York for the day. The weather was lovely and sunny so made the day even better. We spent the day wandering around the city and seeing what it had to offer. I thought it was lovely! Very clean cobbled streets, tons of scenery, beautiful architectural buildings and tourist attractions, perfect for some photographs! And of course shopping ;) I may have treated myself to a little number from Topshop. We first went for food and then ventured into the shops before wandering along the river to this play park where we had such a good laugh mucking about on the swings, climbing frame and assault course. After we had worn ourselves out, we headed further into the park where there was a lake full of ducks, so I got to see cute little ducklings, Aww! By the lake was an archway that led to a quieter section of the park apart from the sweet sound of two gentlemen sitting on a nearby bench playing their acoustic guitars, where we laid on the grass, enjoyed the sun and listened to the music. I felt like I was in a movie. After some serious sun time, we venture back into the city centre and found a pub to have a little beverage before heading home. All in all a fantastic day out!
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kameo: Elements of Power

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm talking about the game: Kameo: Elements of Power. The game is for the Xbox 360 and is about a young elf girl, Kameo and her family who are betrayed by her jealous and vengeful sister Kalus and in doing so releases the evil troll king Thorn who unleashes his troll army on the world. At first you think you're thrown into an intense part of the game but once you continue on it makes more sense. You go to the rescue for the first time, get knocked unconscious and sent back to the Enchanted Kingdom, this is where your game really begins. You are told that during the first battle, Kalus has captured 3 of your family members and you lost all the 10 Elemental Warriors and they have been taken by shadow trolls, so throughout the game you venture among various landscapes to retrieve the warriors and defeat bosses to rescue those family members. There's also a twist to the story in the end as well to keep things interesting and once you've defeated the final boss, you can go back and free roam as much as you like too!
Once you have the warriors, you need them all to help throughout the game, there is a lot of puzzle solving and certain warriors can do certain things to help you progress through the game. Some more than others I find are stronger in battle, I would probably say the main ones that are needed a lot are Ash, Chilla, Major Ruin and Thermite (all located to the right of the picture above, also Thermite is that tiny red ant in front of the dragon). For certain action stages, certain warriors are more needed such as the Water Temple you need the water warriors and for the Snow Temple you need the ice warriors and so on.
I did find that about half the way into the game I got stuck and had to use a walkthrough which I'd recommend doing as there is a help book in the game but it is absolutely useless! The one I used was this one: Click!
I personally really enjoyed playing the game, I found it challenging for all the right reasons and (of course!) the graphics are absolutely stunning. I think it is perfect for us rare breed of female gamers ;)

Once again let me know if you have played this and your thoughts :) Thanks for reading!
*All images taken from Google

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Down On The Farm

Hello lovelies!

A few days ago I went to Farm Adventure Park with my friend Tasha. I had never been before but I absolutely loved it! It was always a place I'd drive past the sign for but had never had the chance to go until today but I really enjoyed it. I love animals so I was in my element being able to walk around and see the variety of animals and be able to feed them and stroke them.It was a great day out and something I'd never done before either so it made for a really fun day out. There was a good variety of animals too which I felt keeps it interesting rather than having loads of the same animal. At 3pm we were allowed to feed the little lambs and oh my gosh! They were the cutest! It honestly was the highlight of my day! I would love to go back and do it again :)
Anyway I've included some photos to show the cuteness of all the animals so enjoy! :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Herrington Park

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday I went to Herrington Park for a lovely walk in the sunshine. It has been years since I had been there so it was great to walk around and see what it looked like now. The park is just opposite Penshaw Monument and it has a large open space of beautiful scenery and full of cute little ducks and swans around the big lake within it. It was great to sit peacefully on the grass and treat myself to a ice cold ice cream in the glorious sunshine. Followed by lunch at Penshaw tearooms where I stuffed my face with a cheese scone (or two!) and sat on the picnic benches in the sunshine. My idea of bliss!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would talk about one of my favourite games of all time: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life!
It is a Gamecube game, where you start out as a guy who inherits a farm from your father who has recently passed away and his best friend Takakura helps you look after it, upgrade it and raise animals.You get given a dog and a cow to start with but once you start earning money you can get other animals such as different breeds of cows, sheep, a goat, a horse, a cat and ducks.

You also have a choice of 3 ladies whom one you have to marry by the end of the first year otherwise you can't continue with the game, but once you do, the years after you see your son grow older and older. I would always chose Celia as she was the cutest! Although I have played this game through once each with the other 2 ladies, Celia was always my favourite to pick :)

The Years in the game go by Seasons and have 10 days within each Season (so every year is 40 days). I like how every season had different wild flowers or food to collect. You can also buy and grow crops and sell those and you have to grow certain ones in certain seasons. I was a little nerd and used to write down a list of the crops and what seasons they grow in *blushes* I was that into it. There's also townspeople you meet and some give you gifts if you befriend them and there's events that happen and minigames you can play too.
One of my favourite things I love about this game is the cute appearance of the game's characters but especially the animals, the look and life-like sound of them are so adorable, they'd say a little 'moo' or 'baa' and my heart would just melt, could not deal with the cuteness of them! I enjoyed earning money so that I could buy tons of animals because I really enjoyed the aspect of taking care of so many animals.
The only three faults I have with the game was that some days it could get a bit tedious and repetitive and it could have benefited with more places to venture too even as like an unlockable feature after playing so many 'years' in the game, however it was a small price to pay for such an adorable game and my other fault would be that it ends! Because I never wanted the game to end! I used to like the idea that the game could have either continued on after your character passes away or you could play as your son and continue on the legacy which would have been an excellent feature.
My other favourite thing about this game was the graphics, I know nowadays graphics have advanced SO much further but I remember at the time I got the game, especially for a gamecube game I thought it was amazing and I fell in love with the graphics, I just thought they were so gorgeous, the colours of the scenery during the different seasons like the cherry blossoms in Spring and the rich colours of Autumn and how the grass where the animals graze would change colour and seeing the moon and stars in the sky on a night and watching the sunset on the beach, I found them so breathtaking and still do to this day to be honest. I'd love it if they remade it for the Xbox 360, I could imagine how even more amazing the graphics would be now and I would not hesitate to buy it again!
Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have played it yourself and your thoughts on it too :)
*All images taken from Google

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spending 10 Days at Golf Del Sur, Tenerife

Hello lovelies! :)
I have recently been on holiday to Tenerife for the past 11 days so I thought I would upload a few cheeky snaps. I spent the majority of the holiday swimming in the hotel pool, enjoying the sunshine, taking photographs, eating my body weight in pasta and drinking fruity cocktails, playing pool, visiting the beach which was right outside the hotel, listening to live music at the hotel bar, visiting the lake which was situated round the side of the hotel, playing card games and visiting the nature reserve which was a 5 minute walk from where I was staying. I had a really relaxing time, it's always good to get away for a while and have a change of scenery :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Beginning of Violetdaffodils

Hello lovelies :)

Violetdaffodils was created in April 2012 by Kate, an outgoing, Media Coordinator from the North East of England. The blog is based mainly around the topics of Lifestyle, Personal Style, Travel, Disney & Gaming.

This Blog began after being inspired by the concept of being able to create something from scratch and develop and learn new techniques and skills that explores other areas of creativity that had not been acknowledged before that can be done at my own pace and for my own enjoyment without the pressures of daily life and from this therapeutic hobby, potentially share it to the world and to meet like-minded people who share similar interests and passions was always an attraction to creating a blog and so after a calm afternoon of swimming, coming home and sitting in front of a laptop, VioletDaffodils was born.

In the 4 years that VioletDaffodils has been active, it is a PR friendly blog and has worked alongside PR companies to promote brands and their products, been featured on a diverse amount of websites and blogs where it has been nominated for awards or for Blog Picks of the Day. All of which can be viewed on the Features page.

You can also find me on:
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