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July 17, 2012

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life | Gamecube Review

Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would talk about one of my favourite games of all time: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life*!

It is a Gamecube game, where you start out as a guy who inherits a farm from your father who has recently passed away and his best friend Takakura helps you look after it, upgrade it and raise animals.You get given a dog and a cow to start with but once you start earning money you can get other animals such as different breeds of cows, sheep, a goat, a horse, a cat and ducks.

You also have a choice of 3 ladies whom one you have to marry by the end of the first year otherwise you can't continue with the game, but once you do, the years after you see your son grow older and older. I would always chose Celia as she was the cutest! Although I have played this game through once each with the other 2 ladies, Celia was always my favourite to pick :)

The Years in the game go by Seasons and have 10 days within each Season (so every year is 40 days). I like how every season had different wild flowers or food to collect. You can also buy and grow crops and sell those and you have to grow certain ones in certain seasons. I was a little nerd and used to write down a list of the crops and what seasons they grow in *blushes* I was that into it. There's also townspeople you meet and some give you gifts if you befriend them and there's events that happen and minigames you can play too.

One of my favourite things I love about this game is the cute appearance of the game's characters but especially the animals, the look and life-like sound of them are so adorable, they'd say a little 'moo' or 'baa' and my heart would just melt, could not deal with the cuteness of them! I enjoyed earning money so that I could buy tons of animals because I really enjoyed the aspect of taking care of so many animals.

The only three faults I have with the game was that some days it could get a bit tedious and repetitive and it could have benefited with more places to venture too even as like an unlockable feature after playing so many 'years' in the game, however it was a small price to pay for such an adorable game and my other fault would be that it ends! Because I never wanted the game to end! I used to like the idea that the game could have either continued on after your character passes away or you could play as your son and continue on the legacy which would have been an excellent feature.
My other favourite thing about this game was the graphics, I know nowadays graphics have advanced SO much further but I remember at the time I got the game, especially for a gamecube game I thought it was amazing and I fell in love with the graphics, I just thought they were so gorgeous, the colours of the scenery during the different seasons like the cherry blossoms in Spring and the rich colours of Autumn and how the grass where the animals graze would change colour and seeing the moon and stars in the sky on a night and watching the sunset on the beach, I found them so breathtaking and still do to this day to be honest. I'd love it if they remade it for the Xbox 360, I could imagine how even more amazing the graphics would be now and I would not hesitate to buy it again!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have played it yourself and your thoughts on it too :)

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  1. I liked this game a lot too!
    But it did get tedious at times, and boring if you didn't work, but I liked the working, so it was cool.

    Wait, ALWAYS pick Celia? You mean you played through this more than once? O.O It's a long game, and repetitive too!

    It also seemed a little unfinished.

    1. yeah i agree, you sometimes were left with not much to do on certain days.
      yeah i've played it many a time :D xx

  2. Harvest Moon is my FAVORITE. You should play Friends of Mineral Town. Its the best one.

    1. Aww yes! Great to hear :D
      I have played that one as well! I think it is really good as well :D xx

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