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Monday, 10 July 2017

A Week In Outfits: Mojácar Edition

Black top: H&M
Palm tree skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Melissa

Stripe Jumpsuit: New Look
Shoes: Melissa
Black top: Zara
Choker: Topshop
White Culotte Trousers: Zara
Sandals: Asos

Black top: H&M
Paisley Trousers: Topshop
Valentino Heels: Flannels

Hat: New Look
Gingham dress: Boohoo
Sandals: Melissa
Hat: New Look
Rayban Sunglasses: Asos
Palm Tree Bodysuit: Topshop
Palm Tree Shorts: Zara
Sandals: Melissa
Dress: Red Herring
Valentino Heels: Flannels
Dress: Warehouse
Flats: Topshop

Thanks for reading!
Let me know in the comments what you like to wear on your holidays and which outfit you like the best :)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

3 Ways To Style A Strapless Bra | ThirdLove

Summer is upon us!
I just recently got back from a weeks holiday in the very sunny Mojacar in Spain. Before I went away, I was challenged by ThirdLove, a bra and underwear company based out of San Francisco to style a few outfits whilst wearing a strapless bra. ThirdLove have their classic strapless bra in two colours; both flesh and black making them versatile to wear with many pieces. So I thought I'd show you 3 different ways to wear a strapless bra whilst on your holidays:

Outfit 1: Beach Day
This is one of my personal favourites. If it wasn't obvious already, I'm a huge fan of palm prints so thought I'd combine these gorgeous pieces together for full impact. I've recently got into bodysuits during my holiday shopping as I think they are a really versatile piece that can be dressed up and down as you please and team with a variety of items like short skirts, maxi skirts, trousers, culottes, dress shorts and denim shorts, as well as being really flattering on your figure too. I wore a strapless bra under the bodysuit and then layered these beautiful zara shorts over the top. I wanted to feel good whilst walking along the beach as well as comfortable so felt this outfit worked well for doing just that.
Outfit 2: Exploring
My next outfit I felt was best for those days of wandering around and scoping out the local area as the dress is rather light and airy so is ideal for the hot days that we had. This outfit also would be great for a relaxing stroll along the promenade or into the local town or a visit to the markets. I also wore this dress on an evening too for a more relaxed evening look just mixed up the accessories to suit the occasion.

Outfit 3: Evening
I spent ages looking for a top that would go with these beautiful trousers. I'd had my eye on a halter top specifically to go with them and this one from H&M did not disappoint. Teamed with my new absolute favourite pair of trousers now. I decided to go for a plain top as I felt the trousers already stood out on their own so decided the top and accessories would work best if they were more toned down. I wore this outfit for evening drinks and a few games of bowling in the hotel.

So there we have it, how to wear a strapless bra in 3 completely different outfits. Be sure to check out ThirdLove and let me know below how you would style yours and which of the 3 outfits above you like the most :)
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 12 June 2017

City Marble: A Brand New Concept by CaseCompany

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
I was recently contacted by the lovely folk at CaseCompany who introduced me to their brand new concept called City Marble. City Marble is a brand new and unique way to create your next phone case or laptop sleeve.

I was really intrigued by this concept and couldn't wait to try it out for myself! All you need to do is chose what brand you are going for (Iphone, Samsung, Laptop case, etc), the model and then the case of cover you prefer (transparent, hard case, soft case, flip case) and then design. For the design, you type in a place in the world and it automatically generates a map of the chosen destination. Think google maps but on a phone case. They also have a choice of style options to give it that extra quirkiness to the designs.

At first I was unsure of what destination I should pick, so naturally did the classic thing of searching for my hometown, out of pure intrigue more than anything. So original I know! haha. Then I sat back and thought about it more carefully and that it'd be more interesting and also out of sheer curiosity for me if I picked one of my favourite destinations and have the website generate the map for that instead. Of course I went for Orlando Florida. I did originally search for the Disney Parks and also hotels but preferred Orlando as a whole instead. What better way to have a memory of one of my favourite places and can carry it around with me. Once I had my destination, I then decided on the colours, there is a few options all of which create gorgeous imagery. My personal favourite was this red, blue and yellow one as it reminded me of Piet Mondrian's work with it's colour scheme. You also have a selection of images to place over the top, such as emojis, however for mine I felt the map stood out strongly on it's own, so kept it as is. You can also adjust the zoom as well so you can create a broader space of the map to be included or a more specific area. For me, design wise, I preferred zooming out and covering a larger area, as the maps design was more fascinating to me. It also arrived with this really cute bag and a sticker saying 'you are awesome' which was a lovely touch.
Right now CaseCompany are offering a 15% discount off CityMarble cases and laptop sleeves when you order before the 30th June with code: CITYMARBLE15 at the checkout, so make sure to check them out and treat yourself or a loved one (father's day present anyone?) to one of these beautiful, personalised cases.
Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you think of this concept below & what destination you would pick :)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Spring Moments

1. Blue skies and cherry blossoms.
2. Little lambs grazing in the fields.
3. Daffodils! My favourite flowers in bloom.
4. Chocolate! Scoffing all the malteaster rabbits, mini eggs and cream eggs.
5. Planning fresh new pages in my journal.
6. Evenings by the beach eating all the ice cream.
7. Burning my scented candles on a night and feeling all cosy in my extremely soft Cath Kidston pajamas.

What are your favourite things about spring time?

Saturday, 6 May 2017

My First Vlog

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
So I did something a little crazy for me and actually created a video and uploaded it to Youtube! I've been wanting to create a video for a little while but I was a little afraid of taking the plunge and aside from that I wasn't sure what I would make a video about. Eventually I bit the bullet and decided to create a video compilation of a few video clips from different adventures and compile them into one little vlog. I really like watching these types of videos myself so thought it might be interesting to create my own. It's not amazing by any means but I just wanted to have a little fun playing around with video clips and experiment with video editing just to try it out and get out of my comfort zone. I've included the video below so feel free to give it a watch if you'd like to. As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the video!
Music: End of Summer by The 126ers
Also thought I'd include a video I took of the Wishes fireworks display in Disney World, although note I was unable to use the music from the show so had to change it to something else. Either way I hope you enjoy watching!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My First Papergang Subscription Box: April 2017- Arden Rose X OhhDeer

 Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
If you didn't already know this about me, I love getting new stationary. I always remember when I was still in school, before the new school year began I'd go to my local W H Smiths and treat myself to new stationary for the coming year and it would make me so excited and motivated for starting school. Fast forward many years and although I don't attend school anymore, I still get that same excited feeling when I go into a stationary shop: beautifully patterned notebooks, delicately illustrated cards and quirky pens and pencils. A good example of this is my stationary haul I did a few years ago now. I think it stems from my creative background. From Art being my favourite subject throughout school to my degree in Illustration and Design. I love looking at other designers works and can find it really inspiring.

I came across OhhDeer a few years ago after coming across some of their beautiful notebooks in Urban Outfitters and on Asos. It was only more recently I would buy directly through the site once I realised there was one. I'm a huge Gemma Correll fan and upon discovering they stocked her illustrative work I was over the moon. I also discovered some more amazing artists such as Lucie Sheridan , Sophie Corrigan , David Olenick and many more. They stock stationary, books, home wares, post cards and gift wrap to name a few.
Papergang is a monthly subscription box by OhhDeer of stationary which includes a good mix of stationary pieces from what I've seen previously and from what I've noticed in my first box and from what I gather, each month has a specific illustrator that designs pieces for that box. The products inside the box do go up on the website eventually too so if you see something in particular that you like, you can guarantee it will end up on their website at a later time. However the beauty of the this box is that you pay around £11.90 for a box, including postage but the total of the products altogether can cost much more than that so I think personally it's definitely worth the money. I first heard of Papergang after watching Vicky from VVNightingale 's Youtube videos of her Papergang unboxing videos. I was really intrigued by the boxes and really enjoyed seeing what stationary was included in the boxes each month so finally decided I'd treat myself and order one for myself.

The Designers
For this month, when I first signed up for the subscription, it didn't mention who was the designer originally. Then about a week or so later it mentioned Arden Rose. I thought this was a unique take on what I've previously seen, having a youtuber involved in the creation of the pack. So I was looking forward to seeing what was inside as I love her channel. From what I gather, I don't think Arden specifically designed anything in the box (correct me if I'm wrong!) which is bit of a shame if that is the case as it would have been interesting to have a youtuber design their own box, but it's not the end of the world if it isn't the case. Perhaps she chose some products she liked from the website and that was put together. I'm just taking guesses here! I did notice in the note you get with the box that the products inside were designed by both OhhDeer design team and Amy Lesko. Anyway enough of the back story I'll stop rambling now and show you what is inside!

What's Inside
A Beautifully Designed Box with an Origami rose to make
A rose. Arden Rose. I see what you did there OhhDeer!

A Message with Product Listing
This is really useful as I love seeing who designed what so that if I like their design style I will definitely check them out and keep an eye out for their work again in future.
Sticker set
Personally sticker sets aren't my thing. I have a few for my journal but I don't really care much for them, however I do think this set is really cute and I do like Amy's illustrative style.
Two cards: A Birthday card & A Thank You card
I like this idea of getting cards inside the box. My mam is one of those people who always seems to have a box of spare cards lying around which I think is great in case of an emergency like a forgotten birthday. So inspired by my mother I'm going to start my own collection of cards now with the cards I receive in this box.
 To Do list notepad, a pencil & a June calendar
This is great! I'm always on the look out for to do list notepads as I'm an avid list maker so I'm in my element with this. Also I really like the cute illustrations on it. I didn't realise straight away until I took these photographs but the pencil has a cute little smiley face on it too which I thought was a sweet touch. And the calendar is something I'd never come across before I looked on OhhDeer's website but I think they are really useful, especially to those of you who like the bullet journal as it would save you having to draw out your own monthly calendar, you could add a pop of colour by sticking on of these in your journal instead.
A5 Planner
This is so cute. I like the layout inside, very simple in design and straightforward to understand. I love the design on the cover especially and also it's the perfect size to carry around with you in your bag.

Overall I think this is a brilliant subscription box for those of you, like myself who love discovering different illustrators and designers. It's a great way to give them that extra exposure for their work and of course it's brilliant for those of you that have a big love of stationary too. It also shows great products that would be great for gift ideas, it's really affordable and you definitely get your moneys worth. I'm very happy with this box and I'm already highly anticipating the next one!
And also thanks again to Vicky for her videos that 
Let me know what you think of this box below :)
Thanks for reading!
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