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August 28, 2012

Kameo: Elements of Power | Xbox 360 Review

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm talking about the game: Kameo: Elements of Power*. The game is for the Xbox 360 and is about a young elf girl, Kameo and her family who are betrayed by her jealous and vengeful sister Kalus and in doing so releases the evil troll king Thorn who unleashes his troll army on the world. At first you think you're thrown into an intense part of the game but once you continue on it makes more sense. You go to the rescue for the first time, get knocked unconscious and sent back to the Enchanted Kingdom, this is where your game really begins. You are told that during the first battle, Kalus has captured 3 of your family members and you lost all the 10 Elemental Warriors and they have been taken by shadow trolls, so throughout the game you venture among various landscapes to retrieve the warriors and defeat bosses to rescue those family members. There's also a twist to the story in the end as well to keep things interesting and once you've defeated the final boss, you can go back and free roam as much as you like too!

Once you have the warriors, you need them all to help throughout the game, there is a lot of puzzle solving and certain warriors can do certain things to help you progress through the game. Some more than others I find are stronger in battle, I would probably say the main ones that are needed a lot are Ash, Chilla, Major Ruin and Thermite (all located to the right of the picture above, also Thermite is that tiny red ant in front of the dragon). For certain action stages, certain warriors are more needed such as the Water Temple you need the water warriors and for the Snow Temple you need the ice warriors and so on.
I did find that about half the way into the game I got stuck and had to use a walkthrough which I'd recommend doing as there is a help book in the game but it is absolutely useless! The one I used was this one: Click!

I personally really enjoyed playing the game, I found it challenging for all the right reasons and (of course!) the graphics are absolutely stunning. I think it is perfect for us rare breed of female gamers ;)

Once again let me know if you have played this and your thoughts :) Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! <3
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  1. Love the graphics on these pictures!!! So colorful and animated!!!

    Follow each other???

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  2. J'aime beaucoup les photos!Super:)
    Angela Donava

  3. Great post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. Thanks for sharing! This game is awesome, great review!

    Maglie Milan Bambino

    1. No problem! Thanks for reading and for the comment Maglie :D xx

  5. Hi there, Kate!

    I haven't played this game, so I can't comment much on it, but the artstyle reminds me of Overlord. An absolute banger of a game!

    What I did not foresee is your console preference, which evidently, is the Xbox. If there is one franchise I recommend, it's Halo. Whether you enjoy it or not, it's the experience that matters. If you wish to try it, let me know your thoughts. It's great to hear what others have to say.


    1. Hey Daniel, thanks for the comment :)
      Ooh I've never played Overlord, but I do like the art style of Kameo so I'd probably like that, I'll check the game out and the same for Halo, I always hear good things about the game, I'll definitely give both of them a try and let you know :D thanks for the recommendations! :D I'll let you know what I think when I do try them out :) x

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