Monday, 8 June 2015

Tsum Tsum Collection #1

Hello lovelies :)
I was introduced to this current Disney craze by my good friend Amelia, who shares my love for all things Disney. She had seen/bought some herself when she had been to Disneyland Paris and mentioned they were going to be heading to the UK which I was really excited about. Once they hit the stores, they obviously have been a huge hit so far and I can only imagine they will continue to be. I remember seeing them whilst I was out shopping with her and darted for Clintons to begin my collection. They also sell them in Disney stores too and every month they release a new set of TsumTsums to collect. The word 'Tsum Tsum' (pronounced sum-sum) is Japanese for 'Stack Stack' which is what they are used for, to collect and stack them on top of each other. I honestly think they are the most adorable plush toys I've ever seen, so soft too. They really trigger the excitement of my inner child haha! I hope that maybe one day when I'm older I can pass them down to my future children and be able to watch the sheer joy on their little faces, like I know I would have as a child. Anyway I thought I would show my collection so far for you all.

Mini Mouse, Pluto, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Bambi
Marie, Eeyore, Daisy Duck, Lady, Donald Duck, Goofy
Let me know if you love/have TsumTsums too and which ones you have :)

Thanks for reading!

A Weekend In Leeds

Hello lovelies :)
I recently wore this attire to a recent weekend away to Leeds for my friend Sarah's 21st and it has started to become a favourite go-to outfit of mine since. We started the day decorating our hotel room with balloons, party poppers and banners so when she came back to the room we shouted 'SURPRISE!' which was cute and we had some group photos taken wearing party hats and props. I wore this outfit during the day when myself and the girls were wandering around shopping and eating. I managed to pick up a few gorgeous pieces from Victoria's Secret and a little treat for my Mam too before heading to Revolution.

I was also introduced to The Botanist which I've heard good reviews about the Newcastle one from other bloggers but have never had a chance to visit so being able to go to the Leeds one was exciting! I like trying out new places for food and now I can totally understand the hype over The Botanist as I thought it was fantastic! I ordered the scampi and it came in a mini picnic basket and the tartare sauce was inside a mini watering can which I thought was adorable! I really appreciate attention to detail like that and although the first cocktail I tried was a bit too bitter for me, I literally had to trial and error as I didn't know what ingredients tasted the best so had to sip a few of the others' drinks and found a one I liked in the end and that was delicious. I thought the decor inside the place was really quirky too. I really enjoyed the place and definitely want to visit the Newcastle one in future now. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and got ready and headed out for the night which was a lot of fun and then the following day indulged in a fondutta formaggi at Zizzi's for lunch before heading home.

I absolutely adore this white dress from Missguided, it is the perfect summer dress and I can dress it up or down, no matter the weather. The waistcoat is a new purchase which I had originally planned to wear over a long sleeved top and jeans but decided to try and see how it looked with a dress and really liked how it looks. I really like the paisley print against the subtle mint green, very Spring/Summer without being too in-your-face like I find with a lot of paisley print clothing. I think I'll try mixing this piece with more items in my wardrobe to really make the most of it this summer, maybe even paired with shorts? Who knows! Also I have been lusting over these boots lately. I normally don't go for day shoes that have a heel as I always felt like I'd look ridiculous, however over the past few months I've completely changed my mind. I was completely drawn to owning a pair of boots and find myself really loving them, again another item that I have been mixing with the contents of my wardrobe and seeing what works and what doesn't and also enjoying the added height it adds whilst being incredibly comfortable and cheap is absolutely ideal for me. Also it might sound a bit weird but they make me feel like they add maturity to my outfits. Being nearly 23, I've started to struggle with trying to find the right balance between wearing outfits that I like that are colourful and quirky patterned and be able to feel myself in but not look like a 16 year old or just super childish. I know I already look younger than 23 being able to dress maturely and still show my personality through my clothing is an on-going battle, however I do feel like the boots weirdly help this situation haha! Does anyone else have this problem?
Dress: Missguided, Waistcoat: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry, Boots: Matalan

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Scarlett of Soho Review

Hello lovelies!
I was recently contacted by Scarlett of Soho, who are a brand who specialise in eyewear and they asked if I wanted to try out their Free Home Try On service. Being a glasses wearer, I naturally said yes as I was intrigued by the concept. You first begin clicking on 'style finder' and select your gender, then you have to identify what your face shape is and finally skin tone. I went for oval and fair. It then auto selects a variety of glasses that they recommend fit you. You can also just chose your own to try for yourself, you don't necessarily have to go for the recommended ones. I found this whole process very quick to do and the website very easy to navigate as well.
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