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June 20, 2013

Summer Garden Party

Summer is here! I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate and also to relieve Mat and Lucy of hosting duties and have a garden party with my friends from university. We usually get together for a house party at their place on a night so I thought it might make change to have a relaxing day in the garden whilst the weather is so warm and sunny lately, have a few bevvies, play some games and eat good food from Domino's

It was such a brilliant day, we decided to make up drinking games involving a football we found. We played catch; whoever dropped the ball had to drink until the next person was out, followed by playing stuck in the mud, which was hilarious and then we used the trees as goal posts and whoever scored the goalie had to drink but if we missed then we'd have to drink. I had not stopped laughing all day! It was a great day spent altogether and really cheered me up after my recent break up having the support from great friends. I am a very lucky lady and was on such a high throughout the entire day!

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