Tuesday, 4 March 2014

An Easy Guide To Making Pancakes | Pancake Tuesday

In true Pancake Tuesday fashion, I decided to whip out the frying pan and head to the kitchen to create some culinary delights. It has become a tradition on this day to make pancakes for my Grandad and today was no exception. So I thought I would show you the recipe I use for making pancakes and some creative ways I have decorated them, so enjoy!

The Recipe:

1) The Ingredients: 100g Flour, Milk and 1 Egg (or 2!) 
2) Crack the egg into the same bowl as the flour.
3) Begin to mix both ingredients. 
4) Next add some milk to the bowl of ingredients but in little splashes to get the right consistency.
5) Mix all the ingredients together, adding milk until it has the same consistency as double cream.
6) Pour the batter into the frying pan using a ladle.
7) Fry the batter on both sides to a golden brown colour.
8) Once I made the amount of pancakes desired, I then usually take this step to drown them in honey and add fruit on top and usually create a pattern or a smiley face because who wouldn't love to receive a smile with their food? ;)

A cheeky photo of me attempting to flip a pancake!

Hope you all had a great Pancake Day and would love to see any creations you guys made too, just leave a link below :) Thanks!

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