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April 13, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Visiting Honeydew Island

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, after seeing on my Instagram about getting Animal Crossing New Horizons, my friend and old work colleague, Juli reached out to me and we discussed the game, our islands, shared our Friend Codes for the Switch and got connected on each other's friend list. I love that this game can connect you with friends in this unique way. We arranged a day for me to come and visit her island and explore, exchange items and meet the villagers. Juli's island, Honeydew is AMAZING!! She's super creative and done so much on it already! I thought today I would share what I got up to on my visit to Honeydew. Thanks for having me Juli!

1. Arriving on the beautiful island of Honeydew!

2. First things first, becoming Best Friends for future visits and we can chat on the chat log whenever we're both online.

3. Juli's character Meah appears to greet me. So cute! I love the cat attire :D

4. One of my favourite things about Honeydew is this clifftop zen garden area with it's own noodle bar. I love how relaxing it looks and all the greenery <3 I got Juli to have a photoshoot with me there haha!

5. Another fun part of visiting another friend's island. Meeting all their cute villagers and taking a peek inside their homes. And Juli's island was full of the cutest villagers! Starting with meeting the first villager I came across on Honeydew. The adorable deer villager, Fauna.

 6. Followed by the cute tiger villager, Bangle. I really want their teddy bear haha!

7. Next up was the little hamster villager, Clay. Followed by Ostrich villager, Cranston who I came across wandering outside.

8. Next up was the dog villager, Shep. I'm a big fan of the cabin bed he's got. The cabin themed decor is one of my favourites.

9. Followed by a visit to see the cute cow villager, Tipper. I like her snazzy little jumper she's rocking!

10. After heading back outside I stumbled upon the next villager, the koala bear villager, Canberra.

11. I then popped into meet the brightly coloured chicken villager, Becky.

12. Followed by the tiger villager, Bianca. Although her appearance seems more like a snow leopard.

13. Still think this is so cool when you see a player interact with a villager, seeing the speech bubbles appear next to them.

14. And finally the last of the villagers, the horse villager, Buck. I have a soft spot for him as he was in one of the first villagers to move in on my New Leaf game.

15. Having fun at the noodle bar with Juli's character Meah.

16. Jumping across the waterfall. Something I didn't realise I could do over a small river. Good to know for future reference!

17. Bought this cute chic tuxedo dress from the Able Sister's shop.

18. Writing a little thank you message on Juli's bulletin board for letting me visit.

19. Saying our farewells before I headed back to Sunshine.

20. Arriving back to Sunshine. The Town Plaza looking busy!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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