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July 14, 2014

I Graduated!

After three years of hard work, a few months of emotional difficulty and anxiety (thanks to my tutor telling me I wasn't good enough to pass my degree three weeks before my final deadline. Horrible!), restless nights getting my final major project finalised and getting my results, I am graduating!

During my recent holiday to Turkey to have some relaxation after all the hard work and to celebrate our final years of university being over. I got my results and I did it! I passed my university degree! That day was just a blur of emotions. A lot of tears were shed. Mainly of relief.

Before my final hand in I'd been told I was 'a lost cause' and that I 'wasn't good enough to graduate' by my tutor. Seriously though, what teaching professional says that to a pupil?! It still baffles me!
Although I didn't get the results I had hoped for after all that hard work I'd put in, I was so proud of myself for persevering when I felt like all hope was lost, when my anxiety was sky high and my self esteem was rock bottom and for keeping myself together throughout those moments. And I never feel proud of myself about anything. With the help from my incredible and unbelievably supportive Mam who was there for me through everything. I was just so relieved to be graduating. Hearing how incredibly proud my family and friends were of me made the last month of struggles all worth it. Their love, support and encouragement kept me going. I couldn't have done it without them and getting my results felt so amazing that day!

Fast forward to now and I have officially graduated! How I was made to feel before all of that just made graduation day all the more sweeter. Knowing I'd overcome that obstacle and came out of the other side with that degree was an amazing feeling. One of the sweetest moments probably of my entire life was rushing home in my graduation cap and gown so that my Granddad Ray could see me as he wasn't well enough to attend the ceremony and when he saw me, he burst into tears full of pride! Aww! <3

Getting to be there at the ceremony with the friends I'd made throughout my time at university and share that moment together was wonderful. Our class was the only one who shouted, clapped and cheered for every single person on our course when they walked across that stage to collect their degree, which I thought was really special. I am so lucky and blessed to have met so many amazing, lovely and funny bunch of people in my three years at University. Even though people had their own separate friendship groups, as a class we all got along so well and we all supported each other through the ups and downs and had a laugh together which I think is very rare these days. Thank you class of 2014! I'm so grateful to those who were in my class, I'm so pleased to have met you all and so proud that we all made it! And no matter where everyone ends up, I wish every single one of you the best success for the future <3 

I also want to say a massive thank you to you readers who sent me congratulations and best wishes, it really means the world to me! <3

Thanks for reading and your continued support! <3

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