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July 02, 2017

Mojácar, Almería Travel Diary

Over the summer, my friends and I went on our annual group trip abroad for some fun in the sun, all you can eat and drink (hello cocktails!), beach days, a trip to the water park and lazy days relaxing by the pool with copious amounts of pool games. Safe to say we broke our record of how many times we could keep the ball up in the air without touching the water, the sheer joy when we did though will be forever engrained in my memory ha!

We spent a week in Mojacar in Almeria, Spain, where we stayed at the Best Pueblo Indalo Hotel. The hotel gets its name based on a prehistoric rock carving in the Cueva de los Letreros, just south of Velez-Blanco which is nearby where we stayed referred to as the 'Indalo man' which is a figure of a man holding a rainbow between his hands. The hotel was filled with souvenirs of this. The idea is to buy one of this figures either as an ornament, bracelet etc. and give it to someone else and it is supposed to bring them good luck. One of the girls very kindly gifted me a bracelet with an Indalo man on to which I returned the favour.

The hotel itself was decorated with a variety of colourful flowers and the hotel was situated straight across from the beach which was great for days when we were a bit sick of being by the pool, there was also a nearby market place only a short walk away, as well as a few clubs and bars and shops to pay for excursions and there was easy access to buses right outside for when we visited the Aqua Vera water park.

The water park was pretty basic, there was only a few selection of slides and wave pool but it made for a change of scenery during the trip.

The hotel wasn't my favourite of those I've been to but it did the job for the week that we were there and what we went for. We had three choices of swimming pools. During the day there was always 'aqua gym' by the main pool which provided great dance tunes to listen to whilst we chilled out on the sun beds; CNCO's Reggaeton Lento was the song of the holiday. With honourable mentions to Dasoul's 'El No Te Da' (SEXAAAY GYAAL!!) – What a banger!! Also 'In Your Eyes' by Inna, Soul Control's 'Chocolate Chocco Chocco' song, Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee's 'Despacito', 'Me Enamore' by Shakira and 'Cowboy' by Sunshine Allstars.

The food was decent, as it was all inclusive it was buffet style and it varied up the choices every night such as Mexican, Italian, seafood etc. The rooms were pretty standard and clean enough, the only downside for us was there was no air con in our room so at night the bedroom was horrendous to sleep in. We ended up moving the duvets into the living room/kitchen area, where it was much cooler and slept on the floor most nights. There was entertainment pretty much every night we were there to keep us amused on an evening whilst making full use of the free alcohol, cue cheesy kids club songs, singers, parrot shows, an indoor bowling alley and a production of The Lion King. So there was plenty to keep us entertained.

Overall it was lovely to get away and have some fun in the sun and we had some unforgettable memories with a great soundtrack to listen and reminisce to. I'm already looking forward to the next adventure!

Thanks for reading! <3
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