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April 28, 2018

Games I've Played in 2018: April to May

As you can guess from the combined blog post, April didn't have a great deal of game play compared to May so it made more sense to discuss them altogether. Here's what I've been playing: 


As a huge fan of the pc version and the pc life simulation game franchise in general. I thought I'd treat myself to playing the fourth major title in the series on the Xbox. I've played The Sims games on other consoles in the past and I usually always prefer the pc version and this is no exception. I found the controls took some time to get used to and especially when attempting to create my sim from scratch, so I just gave up and chose a default family to play as instead. You can play the game however you like, creating sims, customising them, choosing a place for them to live and then deciding how you want them to live, skills to build, the careers they choose (if any), relationships (if any), families etc. I've always enjoyed the freedom these games give you and the creativity and fun you can have with it. I basically used the achievements in this game as a guide for how to play the game on the console and something to aim for, otherwise I probably would have just stuck to the pc version as I don't usually play it for that purpose. The achievements are a grind and are the same ones that are in the pc version, only they actually have more relevance on the Xbox for gamerscore, than they do for the pc. It was a decent enough game but I probably wouldn't play it again on this console.


This game is one I look back on with fond memories. I remember seeing the game and being really interested in the concept of it and telling my brother about the game and after he read up on it, he was keen to get it for us to play it together. The game is an action-adventure played from a third person perspective and designed especially for split screen and cooperative gameplay, so it has to be played as a two player. I actually like this mechanic as it makes the game unique and allowed me to play co-op on a console with my brother which is something we haven't done for years so it had a nostalgic feel for me.

The story is about two characters, Leo and Vincent who the players can choose who they want to be at the start of the game and when replaying chapters. They are two convicted prisoners (one just going into prison and one has already been in for a while) who must work together to break out of prison and continue to work together to stay on the run from authorities and hunt down this guy named Harvey, who they both have a grudge with. 
The story line is superb and constantly moving forward, there's also a brilliant twist and ending as well. I usually like to share a few spoilers but this game is definitely better worth playing not knowing what happens as I think it makes the storyline better. 

Achievements are pretty easy to get but are missable, but you can go back to them in chapter select and get them. Also like when we played it, if the host (me) gains an achievement on their xbox (mine) then both players (me and my brother) get the achievement, but if the guest player gets an achievement (my brother) then the host (me) doesn't, so bare that in mind if you are wanting to get them all. Also certain achievements have to be gotten by certain characters.

Gameplay was brilliant and dynamic. There was a huge amount of variety of game play which kept it interesting and hilarious at times throughout the whole game. There's one where you have to work together to climb back to back up this vertical tunnel type thing, fighting scenes, times where one has to be look out or distract someone whilst the other has to work to do or get something important, there's gun fighting scenes, platforming, sneaking up on authorities together, rowing a boat down a river (a personal highlight for sheer hilarity), riding motorbikes during an escape sequence and little funny mini games in between such as playing the banjo and piano together or playing baseball etc.  

I would definitely say this is one of my favourite games I've played this year and would recommend playing it. Even though I've completed it, I've kept the game as I think it is a great one to play with friends for a good laugh too.

(Fun fact: The company that created this also created Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which I also played this month)

Before I discuss this game further, I'd recommend you read my thoughts on the original game: Super Lucky's Tale. These other two games I played were downloadable content for the original, which I am so happy they did as I enjoyed the original game and felt the ending left it quite open to have a sequel of some kind. As with the previous game, the art style was easy on the eyes and super colourful like the base game and the game play was really fun. Again, the achievements were pretty easy to get too.

Gilly Island is the first dlc introduced to this game which unlocks a new hub world of the same name. It's appearance is a super bright and colourful, tropical beach. I particularly liked the feature of the inflatables on one of the levels too. The plot for this hub is a new boss called Lady Meowmalade (brilliant name fyi) has taken over the island and disrupting the islanders by playing her horrific music. This boss level was a pain in the arse to complete I must admit, but made it that much sweeter when she was finally beat. The game play is the same as the base game with a hub world and lots of levels within it, 3D platforming levels, 2D side scrolling, puzzles and mazes, all with a tropical paradise theme. I found this hub world more enjoyable and the levels were easier than the Guardian Trials dlc. 

The Guardian Trials is the second dlc which opens a new hub world called Guardian Trials and focuses on the idea of Lucky training to become a guardian of the Book Of Ages. The game play is the same as the base game with a hub world and lots of levels within it, 3D platforming levels, 2D side scrolling, puzzles and mazes, all with an 80's theme. It also introduces costumes and accessories for Lucky to wear whilst playing the game. Overall I really enjoyed playing both new hub worlds and revisiting this very cute game. Hopefully they will release more dlcs in future. 


I played this game through Xbox pass as they had a deal on for subscribing for 1 month for £1 as I liked the look of the game when advertised but was unsure if I'd enjoy it so rather than pay £40 for the full game, I thought this was a cheaper option to try out the game and see if I enjoyed it and I thoroughly did.

It is an action-adventure video game where you play the role of a pirate sailing the seas of an open world with a pirate ship. You can either play solo or multiplayer and online too and can take on different roles of steering, using the sails, navigating, firing cannons and repairing the ship. You can also do quests where you collect treasure, raid forts and ship items and animals. I personally enjoy the latter more. One thing I did find frustrating would be sometimes when doing quests you can bump into other people online who just screw you over by killing you or sinking your ship whist trying to complete a quest.

Although I did play online once or twice online with a bunch of random people, I'm still quite reserved talking online and was still trying to figure out the controls so was a bit of a noob compared to the others in the group so I went back to solo playing until I had more of an idea of how to play.

Achievements include some easy ones to get on your own, some that probably need you play multiplayer to get more of them but I wasn't too fussed about getting many this time round as it was enjoyable just sailing about.

I love the art style of the game and the graphics are gorgeous. I enjoyed the day time graphics more than the night as they were super bright and colourful and the water effects looked amazing, especially when I had to swim a few times after people had sunk my ship (lol), I like that swimming is a feature on the game too. However watch out for sharks! The night time graphics I felt I could barely see where I was going which was annoying at times.

It is a very enjoyable game and you can go at your own pace, I'd definitely recommend it and would play it again (maybe once the price has been reduced) and possibly play with friends next time too.

Another game I played through the Xbox pass for only a £1 that I really enjoyed. I must confess I didn't think I'd enjoy it half as much as I did in the end. It is an adventure game from a third person perspective focusing on two brothers Naia and Naiee, who have lost their mother and whose father is ill. The get told by the village doctor the only way to save him is to collect water from the Tree Of Life, so they embark on their journey through a village, hills and mountains encountering different obstacles, people, animals, trolls, etc. 

I thought the visuals and art style were amazing with beautiful scenery. The whole game had this very mystical and mythical sort of feel to it. It had great and really unique story line that I'd never played before and it wasn't too long to play either. The game play had some variety to it which kept it interesting and the puzzles were easy to grasp without much instructions. Different scenes kept things interesting yet still flowed with the overall theme of the game. The ending was pretty sad and one scene in particular I felt was not necessarily needed to be done, which felt like the game was adding salt into the wound. 

Another unique feature was how you controlled both characters. Rather than swapping between them, the game used both analog sticks to control each brother. Both brothers also have certain things they can interact with than the other which means the game progresses by using both the brother's different functions in order to solve puzzles throughout the game. The controls were confusing at times and would have probably shortened the play time of the game, but I can appreciate it is an unique way to play and a change from what I'm used to.  Overall though, I really enjoyed it and would definitely play it again. 


Another game I decided to play through Xbox pass after my brother recommended it to me. I was reluctant at first as 1) The extent of zombie games I play is TellTale The Walking Dead series which is more story based than fighting zombies and 2) It has similar open world game play style to Grand Theft Auto which is a game I'm crap at too so wasn't expecting much from this one, but to humour my brother I decided to play it.

It is an action-adventure survival horror stealth game with a third person perspective, combat and simulation. The player is in charge of a small group of survivors in a functional place called Trumbull Valley where you can either follow the storyline or free roam and complete tasks to contribute to the survival of the community. The first playable character is Marcus, who after returning from a fishing trip discovers the world has become a zombie apocalypse. You can change where your community stay, you can raid abandoned buildings and homes for supplies for your group, you can fight off zombie infestations to protect your group and building, you can swap between players in your group. If you can killed, you automatically switch to another player in your group. 

The style of it, you can tell is a bit old, similar to The Walking Dead Season One. The visuals are decent and it is relatively easy to play although can be a little laggy and glitch out at times. The storyline I felt like the certain missions wouldn't show up for ages and was not like GTA where they show up names on the map. From what I read up on it, the story line sounded anti-climatic anyway. 

I didn't particularly enjoy the game and got bored of it after a few days but my brother really enjoyed it as a big GTA and Red Dead Redemption fan. 

That's all for this month. Thanks for reading! & as always let me know:
 What have you been playing this month? Have you played any of these games?

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