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September 01, 2018


Happy September everybody! Although I'm feeling slightly sad to see the Summer end as I've had so many highlights this year, I'm hopeful that this Autumn/Winter will be just as fun filled and action packed. This weekend has been one of the very few quieter ones I've had lately so I have been spending my time editing a few little videos to upload to my Youtube Channel. I've been thinking more recently about getting back into uploading videos as there is tons of footage on my external hard drive from years ago of different holidays and adventures which I haven't got around to putting together so whilst I seem to have a spare minute I've been compiling a few small vlogs to share.

I really enjoy editing videos when I do get around to doing so. The process of going through the different clips and trying to piece them together and adding music and effects to create a story almost feels like I'm figuring out a digital puzzle. It's challenging, time consuming but a very fun process. Not that I'm an expert by any means, I'm a complete noob at it but there is a great buzz and a sense of accomplishment when you see the finished result that you're happy with. The only thing I don't enjoy is finding music that is lengthy enough that it fits with the feel of the video, I find myself today still humming certain tunes because I've had to replay specific clips over and over again haha! I think it may have sent me rather crazy now.

The videos I've been working on include one from when Dan and I went to Fethiye in Turkey (blog post here) all the way back in 2014 and a day trip with Dan to Edinburgh for my 22nd birthday (blog post here) where we went to Edinburgh Zoo. I'll list them below if you'd like to give them a watch :)

Hope you enjoy the videos and feel free to leave any of your Youtube accounts and videos below, I love discovering new accounts to watch :)



  1. Loving your Edinburgh vlog! As someone from Edinburgh, I always love seeing the city through someone else’s eyes :-)

    1. Aw thank you so much for watching it Chiara! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D xx

  2. Edinburh vlog is soooo cool <3

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