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October 31, 2018

Pirate Costume | Halloween 2018

ARRRRRR!!! Ahoy there shipmates! Happy Halloween!!

Hope you are all enjoying the festivities and stuffing your faces full of chocolates and watching Halloween classics such as Hocus Pocus and carving yourselves some pumpkins. While I'm not particularly fussed on Halloween as such, I do enjoy a good fancy dress party so when our friends said they were hosting a Halloween house party, I couldn't wait to catch up with everyone and to plan my costume for it. This year I've been trying to be better at saving my money so I was determined to put together a costume that didn't need to break the bank or I didn't have to spend a penny on and I was pretty happy with the overall result (if I do say so myself!). 

I began by raiding my old box of fancy dress costumes, my wardrobe and the loft to find some inspiration and to find pieces that could be potential outfit ideas. I found an old blouse in the loft which I think was from the days when I went to dance classes, the waistcoat I borrowed off my Mam, the wig I already had from an old Halloween costume and the bandana, choker, hoop earrings (hidden amongst the wig!), fishnet tights, leather skirt and boots were all items I already owned in my wardrobe.

For the makeup I looked for inspiration on Google which came up with some very elaborate ideas which although looked amazing, were way out of my skill set when it comes to makeup but I took inspiration from the colours they used and the placement of where the stitches would go on my face. Fortunately again, the makeup I used was already things I owned which I particularly enjoyed as I got to branch out on darker colours that I don't usually wear so much. 

Overall the costume is really easy to put together and opting for a more darker toned makeup completes the finished look. I must admit I really enjoyed wearing a more 'edgier' style than I normally go for. I loved sporting the leather skirt, fishnet tights and boots combo. I may have to try and incorporate this into my everyday life at some point ;)
Thanks for reading! I'm off to practice the routine to Thriller now ;)
 Let me know what you went as for Halloween below :)

Outfit: Bandana, Hoop Earrings, Choker & Skirt: Topshop, Black Wig: Dr Funkenstein, Blouse & Waistcoat Next, Fishnet Tights New Look, Boots Matalan.



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