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February 03, 2019

Winter Walks

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far! After all the excitement of part one of my best friend's hen do yesterday I spent my morning walking off said excitement from the night before by having an invigorating walk with my dad and Luna at Herrington Country Park.

It's been a while since I ventured out there and especially in the snow I couldn't wait to go out and get some fresh air from the cool breeze and to see the park blanketed in snow. Regrettably didn't take my camera along with me (having debated it before I left too, damn it!) and missed out on some beautiful shots of Penshaw Monument and Herrington Country Park in the snow so had to settle for my phone camera instead. I may need to venture back out again next time it snows and take my camera along with me as it was so scenic and the photos I did take didn't do it justice.

It was a really pleasant morning walking around the park, spending quality time with my Dad and chatting away whilst watching as he threw snowballs at Luna to get her to catch them and laughing as she came trotting back eating the snow. The pair of them having my nerves go through the roof by being complete daredevils standing on the ice, Luna particularly found these big sticks that had fallen from the trees and ran along the ice with them. Fortunately the ice was incredibly thick due to the snow so luckily she was ok when she decided to dart across it. The area we were in is apparently her favourite place to swim at Herrington according to my Dad so I think her instincts were to run straight towards it not realising the water was frozen. Thankfully the pair of them soon stopped risking their lives and ventured back onto the snow.

We continued round the park, again laughing at the sheer enjoyment Luna has in the snow, she loves the stuff! Every 5 minutes or so of walking, she'd suddenly start rolling around on her back in the snow which was hilarious before sprinting off and then come back to repeat herself. Not a bad life being a dog really is it?! It provided plenty of amusement for the two of us whilst I was snapping away on my phone and my Dad was taking videos.

We also got to meet some interesting breeds of doggo. There was two in particular that stood out which was a Shar Pei called Blue who had a gorgeous face and was so cute and friendly followed by Molly, this absolute beast of a dog which resembled a bear. She was a Caucasian Shepherd, seriously Google it, those dogs are absolutely HUGE!

I came away from the trip out feeling so rejuvenated from the fresh air. It was definitely what I needed to perk myself up after the night before. All in all a morning well spent!

Thanks for reading! <3
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Herrington Country Park,
New Herrington,
Houghton le Spring


  1. Lovely wintery photos, your doggo is so cute! <3

    Maglie Milan Bambino

    1. Thank you very much Maglie :D hehe she's the best! <3 xx

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