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November 23, 2019

15 Things I Love About Autumn

The sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet

Drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate

Beautiful sunsets of pink and purple hues

The sunlight glowing through the trees

Throwing and kicking leaves in the air

Gorgeous red, orange and yellow hues of the scattered leaves

Leaf arches on my drive to work

Changing my makeup routine to experiment with new shades and colours, browns, oranges and reds are my go-to

Autumnal clothing of mustard, plum, raspberry, burgundy and bottle green shaded clothing

My clothing aesthetic comes around in the shops - sequins, sparkles, star print and velvet

Feeling cosy in cute hats, scarves and gloves teamed with my favourite boots

Taking photographs of the gorgeous scenery

Dying my hair dark

Dog walks with Luna to our local park

Day trips to Brampton. Digging out my wellies and having a lovely stroll around the tarn, wading in the water as well as feeding the cute little army of ducks

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