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August 08, 2023

Seaham Food Festival 2023

This weekend was the annual Seaham Food Festival and for the past few years I've paid a visit to see what the variety of traders are available, watch some cooking demonstrations and try some delicious food and drink along the way.

The festival is held over a Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of August down Seaham seafront and, as previously said, showcases many local traders from the North East. They also have a cookery stage where they have celebrity chefs do demonstrations to an audience which is hosted by tv presenter, Chris Bavin for everyone to go and watch.

Unfortunately this year the weather was very miserable on the Saturday when I went so we didn't stay around as long as I have done previous years, so I didn't see any cooking demonstrations in time. But I did get to sample some delicious food and drinks from the local traders.

I went for the gooey goodness of an Original Mac 'N' Cheese from Redheads Mac 'N' Cheese, a personal favourite of mine that I originally discovered through my first visit to Seaham Food Festival. Which goes to show its good to visit and try the vendors as you might discover a new favourite!

I washed that down with a cocktail from the Boston Shakers mobile cocktail bar. I liked the look of the cocktail menu listed so I tried the Cherry Bakewell cocktail and it was delicious! Anything with amaretto in and I'm there! It tasted very sweet, was easy to drink and it was garnished with a Haribo sour cherry which finished the drink off nicely.

For a little sweet treat, I finished my fleeting visit with a red velvet cupcake from The Auckland Cupcake Co. ,which I demolished once I got home. Making it a tasty dessert to end a mouth-watering afternoon with!

I also noticed Lucca Pizza Company was there too, which I tried at Slice Wars 2023 earlier this year. Unfortunately I didn't get a pizza this time around but would highly recommend them if you get the chance to try their food.

All in all a successful visit. I left with my belly full and a smile on my face! Until next year Food Fest!

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  1. omg all the foooood - shy -

    1. It was delicious Shianne! :D would recommend! xx

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