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March 01, 2024

Five Things Friday

 Hello lovelies!

I'd been thinking about starting this new mini series over on this blog for a while now and today I'm finally making it happen, so welcome to Five Things Friday!

The idea of this series is exactly what it says on the tin. On a random Friday of any particular week if there has been five things that have brought me joy or put a spring in my step that day then I will share it on this blog. The idea stemmed, would you believe(!) one Friday afternoon after work whilst I was running errands and then having some down time, that I realised I tend to focus on sharing social events and appreciating being busy but I don't tend to stop and appreciate those simple moments in between and I need to do this more. I think this will be mentally really positive for me to do.

Granted the things I choose may vary from something superficial like buying new clothing to simply going for a walk in the sunshine but that's what I find so appealing about this series is that it can be whatever it wants to be. There's a sense of spontaneity in them. No specific topic, no pressures to consistently post every Friday, no setting up the perfect shot for a photo, just enjoyment from things around me that particular day and photographing random snaps of them throughout. So let's kick off the first post!

Today I'm sharing with you five things that have brought me joy this Friday. And they are:

♡ Post work hot chocolate from Costa

♡ Fresh colourful flowers in my new Next vase

♡ Finding pairs of Levi's jeans that make me feel good

♡ Dog sitting Luna for the whole weekend

♡ Having a chilled evening eating a Domino's takeaway pizza

Thanks for reading! <3
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