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May 18, 2024

A Fun Flower DIY

During one of my daily scrolls through Instagram the ol' algorithm recommend a reel by Deryatavas, which showed them in a park creating a drawing of a flower vase on a piece of cardboard, piercing holes with pen and then filling said holes with real life flowers to create this really cute piece of art work. I'd never seen anything like it before and was amazed by the result and how simple it was to create. Feeling inspired, I decided on this sunny afternoon to give it a go myself in my own garden and show you the result.

What You Need:

• Cardboard (preferably thin like from a cereal box)
• Black marker pen (other colours are optional)
• Pencil or Pen
• Picked flowers
• Be Outside!

First, I cut out my cardboard from a cereal box into a small rectangle. Then with a black marker I drew a design of a vase. This can be any shape, size, pattern you want.

Next I used a thinner pen (pencil also can be used here), I punched holes sporadically into the cardboard above the vase drawing. Make sure the holes are big enough for the stems to fit through.

Now for the fun parts! I went around my garden and picked a handful of small flowers; daisies, buttercups, dandelions and speedwells (make sure the stems are long enough to push through the cardboard!). Whatever I could find that was small enough to fit into the holes I'd made and brought them inside to start putting them onto the cardboard.

Finally the other fun part! I gathered my collected flowers together and began filtering the stems into the holes in the cardboard. 

You can be as particular or spontaneous as you want with this part. I started off making a pattern with the flowers I'd picked and then began just putting them anywhere and seeing how it looked. As the stems were fairly long, I also made sure to flatten them slightly against the back of the cardboard to keep them in place more. 

This is my final result!

So there we have it! I really enjoyed giving this a try! I think it would be a really fun activity to do either with friends or as a family with young kids to get them outside etc. It could be done as a relaxing way to pass the day or even make a challenge out of it too, who can pick the most flowers within a time limit and so on. I like the simplicity of it and that it doesn't cost a ton of money to do. You could also frame your creations afterwards to keep them or just do what I did and recycle the cardboard in the recycling bin and put the flowers back in the garden (or garden bin if you have one). Either way I like that are a few options for what can be done with them. 

Thanks again to Deryatavas for the inspiration for this activity and this blog post, make sure to check out the reel they did to see how they did theirs. And if you give it a try please show me over on my social media channels!

Thanks for reading! <3
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