Saturday, 11 November 2017

Autumn Rambles

 Hello everyone and welcome back!
Hope you are all having a great November so far. I still can't believe how quickly the year has gone! Having a slight panic that I will need to start planning my Christmas shopping out shortly. I have bought one present so far, so that's a start right? Fortunately I have a Pinterest board of gift ideas that I've accumulated with pins of present ideas over this past year so finding presents should hopefully be easy enough once I actually sit myself down properly and go through it. Fingers crossed! How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping? Let me know in the comments :)

I had been very frustrated with my blog this year, purely because I find editing photographs very time consuming and I don't always have the time and motivation for it. I'd been on the look out for a quick and easy editing software or website that allows me to quickly adjust the odd setting here and there as I find Photoshop doesn't make my images look how I want them to and again don't really have the time to watch hours and hours of tutorials. I was looking for a software that was similar to the settings of Instagram, the odd slide here and the odd slide there and post out. Sorted! 
Eventually I have stumbled upon Picmonkey which I heard of whilst listening to a podcast and I am finally happy now! Hooray! I realise I have joined this party like years late as bloggers used this like years and years ago but either way I'm thrilled that I can make quick edits for my blog photos now! So I'm hoping I will get more content on here 

Eventually I have stumbled upon Picmonkey which I heard of whilst listening to a podcast recently and after scoping it out I am thrilled that it fits the criteria I was looking for so I can make quick and easy edits for my blog photos now so I can hopefully get content out much quicker! Hooray! I realise I have joined this Picmonkey party like years late as bloggers used this like years and years ago but either way I'm happy now! 

Hat: Topshop , Scarf: River Island, Jumper: Marks & Spencer, Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Matalan.

Although I consider myself a summer lover, I do enjoy this time of year. I love seeing the sunlight hit off the vibrant green, orange and red leaves on the trees. The gorgeous sunsets that look like someone painted the sky. Belting out my favourite songs whilst driving through the countryside and of course stopping off for a cheese scone or two and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. Whilst spending my evenings with loved ones before finishing the night off playing xbox games.
I've just recently got back into playing video games the past few months, after finally getting a new TV as my old one was kaput. With the Xbox 360 being probably considered 'old' in this technological day and age, especially with the Xbox One X just being announced too, it's perfect for me as I can score myself preowned copies and save a ton of money. Although there is a couple of games for the Xbox One I am itching to play too, for the moment I am enjoying playing through the preowned games I've just bought and also ones I'd started playing when I was in my second year at university (5 years ago, holy cow!) that I never got round to finishing. So now my nights aren't spent wondering what I should do with myself whilst trawling the internet aimlessly. Oh how I've missed the excitement of playing a new video game!

I also find it amusing how my autumnal style has evolved over the years. For one, I was never a jeans kind of girl. I had one pair of jeans which I occasionally wore if I was going to art class or painting at university etc. until I was about 18 and only just threw them away this year at 25 year old. Back in the day I'd just wear tights with a floral dress with a coat thrown over the top. Or even bare legs! I can imagine my Gran's facial expressions of utter shock now haha! Love you Gran! Fast forward to now and I've alternated between the 3 pairs of jeans that I own consistently all year round haha! Funny how this happens.
Maybe because I actually found a style I like that I feel I can move around in and more importantly eat in them! The same goes for jumpers too, I think they have started to slowly take over my wardrobe one by one. I know I'll get to spring/summer and wonder where the hell my cute floral dresses have disappeared to. I never used to enjoy dressing for autumn/winter as the items I had always felt like they were unflattering and trying to swallow me whole but now I'm starting to enjoy it more.
Nowadays I have found a few key pieces that I love such as this cute pom pom beanie I picked up last year before I went to New York and the black boots I went back out to purchase after originally buying the same style in brown a few weeks before (haha!) , the tartan scarf I spent the majority of autumn 2014 trying to find one that had the soft material and bright colours I liked, the incredibly soft jumper that I enjoy throwing on as it gets colder. I've got my eye on the black one for this year too which had been quickly added to my Pinterest wish list to wear with my new burgundy pom pom beanie I picked up at Matalan the other day. The outfit shown in this post is basically one of my favourite go-to outfits for this time of year. I'm hoping to find a few new key pieces to mix it up and alternate between.

I've been trying to incorporate older pieces into my autumn/winter wardrobe again like this denim and shearling jacket (hello double denim!) as well as my leather gloves and both my parka and trench coats, the latter I'd like to get more use out of however it isn't always the best thing to wear when it's that cold wind outside. But I'll see what I can do :)
Some new additions I'm hoping to add to my autumnal wardrobe this year are; the black M&S jumper I mentioned previously, the burgundy pom pom beanie I bought the other day, a pair of black sock boots and a gorgeous dark green borg coat I've been eyeing up at Topshop. I'll see what outfit ideas I come up with and possibly do a post to feature them for you.

Anyway enough of my ramblings for today, thank you so much for reading!
 Let me know below how far you've gotten with your Christmas shopping and what your favourite autumn/winter pieces you like to wear this time of year or got your eye on for this year, I'd love to read your thoughts too :)


  1. Love this post! I also use picmonkey or sometimes ribbet to edit my photos I find it much simpler and easier than some of the other editing softwares. Love the outfit, that scarf is stunning!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much Meera! :D Glad you enjoyed reading this post :) I agree, picmonkey has changed my life haha! I've never heard of ribbet before, I'll definitely check them out too so thank you for mentioning them :) xx

  2. Hi, I stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might check things out. I like what
    I see so now i'm following you. Look forward to reading over your web page repeatedly :) x

  3. I love your blog! Very nice colors & theme :) x


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