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January 27, 2015

Iceskating At Beamish

A few weeks ago, by some miracle it turned out that the girls and I all had the same day off of work which is an extremely rare occurrence! We decided to plan it out and make a day of it and rather go for food somewhere local, we changed it up and headed to Beamish for the day. 

Beamish a living museum known for it's old fashioned appearance, showing visitors examples of old classrooms, playground entertainment, tram systems, sweet shops, etc. I remember going there back in the day at primary school so it brought up all the nostalgic feelings. Especially the back of the sweet shop where you can watch how cinder toffee gets made. I absolutely love cinder toffee, I could eat it by the bag full. Another sweet favourite of mine is the sugar mice, but sadly they didn't have any on this trip (sob!). However they did have apple bonbons which are my absolute favourite so all was not lost. One of the main reasons why Beamish was so appealing to us for this particular trip was at the moment they have an ice rink up until the 1st March, so we had decided to go iceskating, which I absolutely LOVE!

It personally reminds me of a mixture of rollerblading (which I also adored as a kid), skiing and ballet, which are hobbies I took up in my youth. The thought of being able to leap into the air and do a a graceful spin and end it with a perfect landing would feel amazing to me. Not only that, but I find iceskating such a beautiful sport, the technicality of the footwork and the gracefulness of the spins and leaps just astounds me! I always look forward to the likes of Dancing On Ice to watch it. If there was a place near where I live I'd go there every week without fail! Someone please make an ice rink next to my house! ;)

I always find iceskating something different to do whether you go with your friends or your partner or your family. It's always a different experience which I like. I enjoy trying new things rather than sticking to the same mundane, repetitive activities you can sometimes fall into. This time of year I find is the worst for that when it's too cold and the thought of leaving my bed is a battle in itself or trying to save the funds after the Christmas splurge, it can always seem like a drag so doing things like going out and iceskating is always appealing to me and going with friends is always a good laugh in my opinion. I hope to go iceskating so much more this year :)

Thanks for reading! <3
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