Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Sims 4 | PC Game Review

Hello lovelies!
It has been such a long time since I did a gaming post/review, I'm talking like 2 years which is ridiculous! So today I am changing that. I've always loved the Sims, aside from Sims 3 which never appealed to me as I felt the graphics were too 'over done' and the sims all looked the same. I was a big lover of the original and I'm still a massive Sims 2 fan, still currently playing it. Anyway you get the idea. When I heard they were releasing a new Sims, I was in limbo about purchasing as, like I said, I was not drawn to the Sims 3 however I did my research and looked at Youtube videos and read review after review. Eventually it came down to that feeling of excitement you get when you really look forward to something, so I caved after a month of it's release and got it.

First of all I got the game guide incase there was new things I needed to learn about it, I do this with a lot of games however it wasn't really all that necessary as the game kind of explains itself. When I first began playing I encountered problems with it and I have the odd glitch with certain bits however it does run much better. The Create-A-Sim mode has STUNNING graphics, I'm still in complete awe at how beautiful they are, the new features are so cool too, for example you can choose what kind of walk they have, how low or high there voice sounds, different personality traits (I LOL'd at 'hates children') and you can click on the body parts to change them. The other cool feature is the moods they have, it's interesting to see them change whenever they do something throughout the game and it injects a bit more life into the boring Sim portrait icon. The rest of the gameplay in the beginning I found pretty average and I still find the home objects pretty average however overtime and learning new things as I played I find it far better and they even have in-game achievements and secret locations to discover and items to unlock via different careers and items to collect which keeps the game interesting. Also now there is a few game packs and add ons which helps too. I find the careers are harder to move up in and in the beginning when it came out there was no toddler stage I was devastated however child sims have different skills to build which I find is a pain as you can't really get a head start building them like you could on the Sims 2 so to me it isn't really that big of a loss. All in all though I thoroughly enjoy the game and I'm addicted the way I was with The Sims 2 which is a BIG deal haha. I would definitely recommend it :)

The reason for my Sims ramblings is because I've been debating a lot lately about whether to inject more gaming into my Blog which was something I had planned from the early stages of this blog being made and overtime I just got sidetracked by other topics and interests that I sort of it left it behind but for the past month I've been a lot more inspired to do so, so from now on I will be including more gaming posts as it is something I'm passionate about writing and is a hobby I enjoy so why not share it?! So keep your eyes peeled and hope you enjoy the future content :)

Before I go I thought I'd share some of my favourite Sims 4 links for you all. I get a lot of my sims information from Carl's Sims 4 Guide. Also for Youtube videos I highly recommend LifeSimmer, Vixella, Kawaii for general gameplay, Sofee for her Animal Crossing challenge videos and DanandPhilGAMES who I find SO hilarious with their sim, Dil! I literally watch their Sims 4 playlist on repeat. All of which are really interesting and fun to watch. Let me know if you watch any or if there's any you recommend and I'll check them out :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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