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April 08, 2016

Be-Leaf In Yourself

Please excuse my terrible pun game, but I couldn't think of another title for this outfit post haha!
I went for a rogue choice in my attire today as I was keen to wear my new leaf print jumpsuit but the weather was a little cool so I decided to layer it up with this black blazer too. Although teaming this outfit with sandals probably wasn't the best choice with the cold! But the jumpsuit is super comfy to wear and it keeps me warm so it all balances itself out I guess.

I've spent my day photographing what I'd bought from my recent holiday at Disney World, Florida for a future blog post and recorded a haul video too to go along with it, although the latter I'm unsure if I will share as I'm not fully confident talking to the camera just yet. We'll see! Then I quickly snapped these photos of my outfit this evening before I headed out to meet my boyfriend for food and then stay over for the weekend. Here's wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

Outfit: Blazer: H&M/ Jumpsuit: Topshop/ Bag: Mulberry/ Sandals: Asda

Thanks for reading! <3
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