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March 20, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Welcome To Paradise

Hello and welcome to the second instalment of my Animal Crossing New Horizons blog series! Following on from my last post where I set up my character details. I then arrived on my chosen island with two other villagers, Flo the penguin and Goose the chicken. Timmy greeted us upon arrival and we scurried towards the plaza for an introduction to island life from the iconic Tom Nook. 

First order of business was finding where to set up my home on the game. I acquired a tent and a map from Tommy and ran off towards the beach to envision my new home. I wanted to keep a similar idea to what I had in mind from my New Leaf game, where I had my home located next to the beach. I just feel its more scenic and also quick access to catching fish, which is my favourite pastime on the game. I also wanted to position my home in a short enough distance to the plaza as I had a feeling I'd be running back and forth to that at the beginning of the game. A new feature to New Horizons that I really like is that you are able to envision what your home will look like before agreeing to build it. I have a feeling this will be a mechanic used for further building construction later on. 

After setting up my house, I was then asked to check in on the other villagers. I thought they'd be dotted all over the map but fortunately Flo was just to the left of the plaza so I helped her out first. She seems cute, I hope we can be pals! After helping her out she suggested I go locate Goose to see how he was getting on.

Thankfully didn't have to venture too far as Goose was to the left of where Flo was so that was easy! In the game, you can choose to pick a spot for the villagers to set up their homes but I wanted mine to be next door to each other so I was happy with the spots they had chosen themselves. I gave Goose my approval of his house location and then we were ready to head back to the plaza for our next steps. 

Back at the plaza, Tom Nook wanted to set up a campfire for a party to celebrate our arrival on the island so had asked me to collect 10 branches located around the island. Some parts of the map are not accessible straight away, so I imagine that will be unlocked later on. For the meantime I was a rebel and collected all the branches I could find, weeds and stones as I had a feeling I'd be needing them further down the line and wanted a head start. After handing over the branches I was then given my final tasks to collect 6 apples from the trees. I was so happy on arriving to this island to have apples are my island fruit as in all the series I've played of Animal Crossing I've never had them and had always wanted them! Hooray! I handed over the apples and Tom Nook started putting the preparations in place for the party which I will continue in my next post. Stay tuned!

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