Saturday, 12 November 2016

Autumn Is Among Us!

Autumn is finally among us and I hope you are all enjoying it and making the most of the last bits of sunshine before winter rolls in. I'm thoroughly enjoying one of my favourite seasons so far. One of the main things I absolutely adore about this time of year is how simply breathtaking the nature around us is. I know it sounds cheesy but there's nothing I enjoy more than being greeted by the low lying sun on a morning and watch it shine through the trees on a warm day in the countryside or feeling the light gentle breeze with a slight chill in the air as it gives a small nod to the coming of winter, the satisfying sound of the ever-changing leaves crunching beneath my favourite pair of boots, sipping hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows in my favourite cafe, fetching out my favourite and warmest coat and scarf and of course the gorgeous sunsets on a evening that fill the sky with an array of pink, red-orange and purple hues. Sounds an absolute dream!

When I've not been taking in the gorgeous scenery, I have been spending my weekends wrestling for the duvet on a morning to keep warm, catching up with friends, spending time with my other half, pigging out with Domino's takeaway whilst divulging in the usual The Jonathan Ross Show, X Factor, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here & more recently Meet The Parents, the latter being absolutely hilarious and those who enjoyed Blind Date & Take Me Out will really enjoy that one. I know I sound pretty obsessed with weekend TV but trust me, when you used to work weekends since the age of 16, spending the weekends doing sweet nothing is basically a luxury to me now. The other times, weekends have been spent organising my wardrobe and makeup collection and attempting to be brave at experimenting with my look for the autumnal seasons. As well as geeking out on Pokemon X, Alpha Sapphire & the original Red versions whilst highly anticipating Pokemon Sun's release in a few days, as well as Animal Crossing New Leaf, The Sims 4 which I am looking forward to payday to treat myself to City Living and most recently I raided the loft for my old Pikachu Nintendo 64 which I found, so I've been dining on nostalgia and reliving my childhood playing Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 and Rugrats in Paris. It has been absolute bliss!

Thanks for reading!

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