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January 06, 2017

What I Bought In NYC: A Mini Haul

During one of the days when I was in New York over New Year, we decided to begin the day with a little shopping trip. As it was just after Christmas, I didn't have much time to save up beforehand so I had to limit myself on what I could treat myself to. I know. Being at one of the best cities in the world for shopping and having to restrict myself was a struggle let me tell you. But I somehow managed to keep myself reined in (my purse breathed a sigh of relief) and treat myself to a few bits and pieces. Here is what I bought:

Sephora: Lipstick, Eyeliner & Makeup Pencil Sharpener

We headed to Sephora which was incredible! Not just for the absolute shed load of makeup but the store itself was really vibrant and decorative. Believe it or not I didn't go in with the intention of getting anything for myself. We went in looking for some birthday presents which we got and I thought I may as well have a browse for myself too. I'd been recently looking into Kat Von D's makeup brand and noticed the waterproof liquid eyeliner and the studded lipstick were some of the best seller's so thought I'd give those a try. I've gotten in the habit now of asking for recommendations for lip colours that suit my pale skin tone so I asked the lady who was super helpful and enthusiastic. When she applied the colour on me she got so animated about my eye colour which perked me right up "Oh my god your eyes! They're so gorgeous, your eye colour! Like WOW HELLO!!" (imagine in a sassy enthusiastic voice haha!). It's always nice to receive a compliment and her's has been by far my favourite. I had mulled over the Hourglass Ambience palette but had to leave it behind with a small weep as it would cost too much. I also wanted a little memento of my visit but something I'd actually use to so I chose the makeup pencil sharpener. It's actually really good as you can remove the top and bottom of it so it makes it even easier to clean.

Abercrombie & Fitch: Jumper

Next stop was Abercrombie & Fitch for Dan to treat himself. The place was huge! It was three floors if I remember rightly and I found myself having a wander around whilst Dan was doing his thing and this jumper caught my eye. Ever since it has become one of my most well worn items since I bought it. It is so soft and light to touch with a fleece inside which makes it an ideal cosy piece to wear. Not only the material but the writing on it swayed my purchasing as I loved how it says it's from NYC and the street it was from. Gives it that more of a personal touch for me. A cosy keepsake from a great holiday. Although every time I read the text on the back I automatically think of that song 'put your hands up for Detroit, I love this city' *face palm* haha!

Hard Rock Cafe: Logo T-shirt

Again, being the ultimate tourist here and treated myself to a t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe after we had been there for food one of the first nights we got there. I love the fit of it, it hugs all the right places and the material is so soft and comfortable to wear.

Henri Bendel: Christmas Ornaments

A bit of a random purchase with it being after Christmas, but we strolled past the store and the window displays caught my eye. I love the stripe details and the reindeer was the item in the shop window that I found myself drawn to just by how unusual it is and sparkly of course. We headed in to have a closer look and the decorations were on sale so that did it for me. I was saying to Dan how it'd be cute to keep them for our own Christmas tree one day so I picked my reindeer and I also asked Dan to choose a decoration too. He chose the sparkly dove as it reminded him of Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (one of our faves) where Kevin gets given the two turtle doves, which I thought was cute. Again, I also like how it has the engraving on the back of where it is from as another sentimental piece. It's a shame these pictures don't do them enough justice because they are so pretty in real life. You'll just have to trust me on that one ;)

Disney Store: Mini Flounder Plush, 2017 Tsum Tsum & Statue Of Liberty Minnie Mouse Plush

The store was HUGE!! It would be any Disney lover's dream with an equally huge variety of toys and Disney related items. I already have 2 other Flounder's, (one from when I was a wee baby and one as a present off the family) but I saw this one and thought it was adorable! I liked the style of the eyes on this one. A small funny fact but I had to wrestle this off a small child. I was stood in the queue and all of sudden felt my arm get jerked back and turned round thinking 'wtf' and there was this little boy of about 5/6 years old stood there staring at me, trying to pull the toy out of my hand. The little shit! I yanked my arm back and the toy out of his hand and his mother stood and told him off for trying to pinch it off me haha! Karma! I don't care how old he was, he was not getting that toy haha! The other two items had less of a drama. Again, I wanted some keepsakes of the trip so I loved the Statue of Liberty Minnie Mouse and the detailing on the foot of it being from the Disney store in New York. I'm still quite into collecting Tsum Tsums, although I'm very picky which ones I go for and I thought this little one on top of a cupcake was adorable. Fun fact: it smells like sweets too.

NYC Souvenirs: Badges, Ornaments and more Christmas Baubles

I think we've established by now that I love a good souvenir and keepsake of the places I visit so I'll not drone on too much for this part. I have a shelf on my wall which I decorate with ornaments I've collected from all my travels so naturally had to get another one from NYC. I opted for one that had some of the main landmarks and also went one of the Chrysler building. My Mam loves that building and we sort of have an inside joke about it so I got us matching ones, from having the little joke between us it makes that building hold a special place to me too as well as being a stunning building too.

I went for the badges to commemorate ticking off 'ice skating at the Rockafella Centre' off my bucket list. A moment I still find so surreal that I actually got to do that. And of course more Christmas baubles. I've mentioned before in this post that my family and I have a tradition that we try and bring back a Christmas bauble from whatever holiday we've had that year so this was my pick. The little apple bauble of The Big Apple.

My final purchase was a rather delicious one, which of course was the chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. We walked past the shop a few times and I kept looking in at the staff creating the mouthwatering treats, debating whether to give them a try. Eventually I'd had enough drooling and decided to give into my taste buds and scoffed them back at the hotel and oh. my. word. Heaven!

There we have it, a short and sweet haul from our trip to New York.
Thank you for reading and let me know what you would buy :) Have a great day!



  1. Great haul! I liked seeing what you bought :) Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

    1. I'm glad you liked the haul Brittney, thanks so much! :D xx

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