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May 17, 2018

InTheFrow X Fenwicks Newcastle Event

A week before this amazing day, I received a message off one of my besties with a screenshot announcing that Victoria from InTheFrow was coming to Fenwicks in Newcastle to do a talk on summer season styling for weddings, the races and other events. As we both absolutely love Victoria, her blog, Instagram and her Youtube channel and been a fan of her for years, we immediately were like 'yaaaaassss book those tickets!', so Hannah, the absolute babe got us the tickets and I'm so thrilled she did because it was a surreal experience and also we were incredibly lucky, as we found out at the event later that the tickets sold out within 10 minutes. Thanks Hannah! ;)

As far as I'm aware (I'm not down with the kids), it is very rare that Youtubers and bloggers come up to Newcastle for events and meet and greets so I thought it was a breath of fresh air that this event happened. The event was held in the French Salon section of the Fenwicks department store, an intimate setting where we were greeted with a glass of fizz and a goodie bag. We sat down and got ready to see the beautiful lady in real life. 
Firstly Catherine Newton, the head womenswear buyer of Fenwicks Newcastle store came out wearing this gorgeous, colourful dress and spoke to us about the store and introduced Victoria before she came out. She breezed onto the stage, with that incredible smile, waving at us and greeting us before she sat down with Catherine to discuss summer styling. She is exactly the same as she is in her videos; incredibly friendly, bubbly, poised, radiant and elegant. I know I'm being a total fan girl here and a bit cheesy but you know the phrase 'lights up a room' ? I think that is the best way to describe Victoria and her presence.

One by one, alternating between them, these two absolutely naturally stunning models came out, both with legs for days and modelled 9 looks that were curated for the event to inspire some fashion ideas for any summer events that may be coming up, whilst Victoria and Catherine discussed the outfits, offered extra styling tips and alternative styling options. It was very informative and although it did reflect a lot Victoria's personal style, I think also the additional tips and styling options catered for a multitude of people's personal styles and for all ages too so there was something for everyone to take away from it. Here were the outfits:

#1 Self Portrait (Super elegant and ethereal, very pretty!)

#2 Rixo London (I adore this dress for the cute space print and bright colours! Very jazzy yet still very elegant too)#3 Self Portrait (I like the lace combined with the ruffle. Great dress if you have amazing legs like this model, very jealous!)#4 Rixo London (I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRESS!!! The floral print, the shape and the bright colours. I need it in my life one day <3 )#5 Alexander McQueen (lovely colour and print, reminded me of oriental prints. It looks smart and comfortable)I loved hearing the reaction from the crowd to the different outfits and the comments overheard, "I loooove that", "I could see you wearing that" etc. Myself and Hannah also doing the exact same thing haha! It was such a pleasant atmosphere and it was great how it brought everyone together.
The one thing I definitely took away from this was that I needed to Google the brand Rixo as soon as I got home because I adored their clothes. They are so bold, colourful and quirky. The clothes looked incredible.

#6 MSGM (beautiful back detail on this dress)
#7 Self Portrait (Very elegant and as seen on Victoria herself in Canne this year)
#8 Self Portrait (Not a fan of this one however I adore the contrasting blue heels with the yellow)
#9 Burberry (A simple but classy dress)

Although all the outfits picked were gorgeous in their own ways, my personal favourites from the outfits were numbers 1, 2 and 4. My face lit up with sheer delight when I set eyes on those dresses.
After the talk, there was a Q&A with Victoria where some of the audience asked her questions before we got to meet her. I think the whole audience nodded in agreement at the mention of Instagram's poor algorithm haha! Again she was very informative in her answers and took time to answer to everyone who had a question for her.
(Ignore how gross my face looks in this photo haha!)

I confess I was quite nervous and excited at the prospect of meeting Victoria. We weren't sure beforehand if we'd get to meet her so I was not prepared at all for what I'd even say if I did get the chance, cue huge amounts of awkwardness on my behalf. It's not everyday you get to meet one of your biggest inspirations in the flesh so it was quite daunting for me.
Saying that though, Victoria completely puts you at ease with a warm hello and big hug. We took a couple of photographs, she liked my skirt (internally buzzing with happiness), I loved her dress and then we got talking to her. I remember the 3 of us discussing how it was great for a Youtuber to come up to Newcastle and how she'd not been up before, me saying how I looked like a troll stood next to her haha! But the rest is just a blur from the shock of meeting her haha! I think I was quite star struck to be honest as she was so easy to talk to but I found myself stood there and didn't know what to talk about which is unheard of from me, I got so shy in the moment. I came away afterwards thinking I probably came across so rude and thinking 'damn, I wish I asked her that, damn I didn't get to ask her this, didn't get to ask her that'. Apologies to Victoria (if she ever sees this), if I did come come across rude, I was just a shy, awkward lass. Next time I'll make sure I'm slightly prepared ;)
I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was very well organised and I felt it had a bit of everything and one thing that particular stood out to me was that they mentioned Victoria had to leave for her train soon but even though that was the case she still took her time to speak to everyone equally, take photos etc and nothing felt rushed which I really respect as you always hear the horror stories of other meet ups where there is an uproar afterwards. The whole event was engaging, friendly, fun and elegant which is a great reflection of the lady herself.

Thanks for reading! <3
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Q&A Of The Day: Which outfit(s) is your favourite?


  1. So gutted I missed this! I was sat in the theatre a few steps away thinking about how gutted I was to be missing it! Everyone who went said that she was so lovely!

    1. Aw no way! It would have been lovely to meet you as well :) Hope you enjoyed the theatre though! Hopefully they'll be another opportunity to meet her in Newcastle in the future :) Yeah she was really friendly :) xx

  2. ooo, I didn't get to go to this, but it looked really good! So jealous you got a photo with InTheFrow!

    Becca xo |

    1. It was really good Becca, you would have really enjoyed it :D She was so lovely too! xx

  3. Oh I love Victoria, I really admire her, I feel like I would've freaked out so much if I'd gotten the chance to meet her face to face!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. She's so inspirational isn't she! It was wonderful to meet her, I hope you get to meet her at some point too :D I was a complete shambles talking to her though haha wish I had been more confident when I spoke to her! Thanks for commenting Julia :D xx

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