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Sunday, 27 May 2018

VioletDaffodils Now On Instagram

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I have a new Instagram account: @violetdaffodils! After reading this post by Alice from TheRoseGlow regarding using your personal instagram for blogging. It got me thinking about my own account and how I've done the same for years, combining my personal posts with blogging posts on my personal instagram account. Over time I've found it can be restrictive on what content I can post and has sometimes put me off working with brands because I was self conscious of other people's judgement. There has been times when I have posted travel pictures or done an outfit of the day etc. and had people I know who don't understand the blogging world, judge me or complain about the posts either in comments, to my face or gossip behind my back. So I wanted to create a new space where I can share such content. I also feel uneasy at the thought of family, family friends or work colleagues on my personal account discovering my blog and reading it, as when I've shared things in the past I've been bombarded with unwanted opinions and input which in the end just puts me off doing what I love and as this blog is my little escape from reality I want to keep a separation from my everyday life. So with all that being said I've decided to create a separate Instagram account for my blogging content where I will be sharing travel photography, lifestyle content, gaming bits, brand collaborations, events and gigs, and many adorable pictures of Luna. I hope you follow and enjoy the content!

1. An introductory selfie for my first post on my new Instagram 
2. Pretty cherry blossoms in the garden
3. Luna being a beautiful dog model, relaxing in the garden
4. Meeting Victoria from InTheFrow at Fenwick Newcastle 
5. Delicious tomato, mozzarella, parmesan and mushroom pizza from MOD Pizza
6. Ed Sheeran live at St James' Park, Newcastle
7. A lovely relaxing weekend at a lodge in Ann's Hill with my boyfriend and our friends
8. Pretty flowers around the grounds of the lodge
9. Hot tub, sunshine and beers at the lodge. Absolute bliss!

Thanks for reading!
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