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May 28, 2018

Bank Holiday Moments X 2

We've just had another bank holiday weekend here in the UK and whilst I was ever so slightly envious of the countless Instagram posts and the occasional snapchat I've seen of folks out having a good drink or three, I have had a pleasant and relaxing time off. Last bank holiday weekend I felt like I was a bit more productive and keen to get myself out and about with the glorious weather we'd had but this time round I was more than happy to just laze about like any other weekend which is what I did all of Saturday.

Sunday was a little bit more productive. I was invited out for lunch with my Grandparents, where we went to The Lamp Room in Seaham. I rarely find places that still offer bottles of coca cola so I happily chugged that down with the scampi, chips and peas I ordered which I've had before and is delicious! It's been a couple of years since we've been out just the three of us and I absolutely loved it. We originally had the idea to go get an ice cream after our meal but I think we were all quite full afterwards so decided to do an i.o.u on it for another day. I'm already looking forward to that.
My Grandparents are pretty much my favourite people and are always great company to be around so it was lovely being able to spend time with them on my own. They always have great stories to tell and are really interesting and charismatic, as well as being hilarious. Never a dull moment with them. Although I see them all the time (fun fact: they are my neighbours too!), I came away feeling like we need to go out together more often.

The rest of my day was spent entertaining Luna. Fortunately the weather was very warm as it was my turn to puppy sit her whilst my parents were away. My Grandparents joined me for a little while before heading inside for the evening. I'd ordered a GoPro dog harness* for Luna on the Friday and it had arrived Sunday morning, so whilst I was on puppy sitting duty I thought I'd get Luna to take it for a spin. She looked so cute kitted out in it, like a little secret agent puppy.
I'd got the idea a few months back after watching TmarTn2 's Youtube video where he got one for his dogs to see what his dogs got up to whilst he was out of the house, although the dogs were a bit older and just lay around most of the day on his videos I did love the concept and I thought especially whilst Luna is a puppy and more prone to mischief it would be really funny to watch back. She happily trotted around with it on. I did a little practice run of her wearing it which I'll try and put together and upload it to my Youtube channel as soon as I can. I had a good chuckle to myself watching the footage back and I've already been planning out my next attempt of #LunaCam. I just hope Luna is ready for her close up!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have had a great weekend!

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  1. Secret agent puppy! That's so cute. Also you look absolutely gorgeous! That skirt suits you so well. ♥

    1. Haha she really did remind me one :p Aw thank you so much Laura, that really means a lot to me <3 Hope you have a great week! xx

      P.s. Also so sorry for late response, only just discovered that my emails have stopped notifying me that I've got a comment on my blog, I feel like I've come across so ignorant :( hopefully I can get it fixed! xx

  2. Firstly, I like your dog's name #HarryPottergoals!! I'm a massive fan btw😊 Also, I'd like to say you look very pretty in your "bank holiday photos". To be honest, you remind me very much of Zoe Sugg( do you get that very often)? It's been a while since I've visited your blog but it's nice to return to a nice post.😊 Have a great week!!

    #sweetreats xx


    1. Hehe thank you, it was actually a friend who suggested the idea for her name and my dad loved it! Glad to hear you love her name too :D Aww thank you so much, I'm so pleased to hear you liked the post and being told I remind you of Zoe Sugg is a big compliment so thank you :D funnily enough I used to get told that on the odd occasion a few years ago back when I had dip dyed hair like her haha! Hope you have a great week too!! :D xx

  3. Hello, I read your blog like every week. Your writing style is awesome and humoristic, keep doing what you're doing!

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