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February 26, 2021

February Roundup 2021

As February is drawing to a close and spring is so close to being upon us (I'm still in disbelief that it's March next week!), I thought I'd take a short moment to reflect on some positives from this past month. Amidst all the chaos in my personal life there has been many happy and sociable moments that have boosted my mood throughout February and kept what little sanity I have intact (ha!). Here are the highlights:

♡Morning walks with Luna

♡Wearing more lighter tones and brightly coloured clothing

♡Treating myself to some gorgeous dark pink roses, daffodils and multicoloured tulip bouquets

♡Lunchtime walks with Nina and Sookie

♡Celebrating my best friend turning the big 3-0 virtually with a music quiz night (I came joint 1st place, woo!)

♡Writing my best friend a letter as part of her birthday present and taking a good ol' trip down nostalgia lane; laughing at old memories and looking through old photographs from our youth

♡Making more sales on my Depop shop

♡Wintry walks in the snow at the start of the month

♡Valentine's day spent walking around Hardwick Park with Becky and Kyle

♡Being asked to a bridesmaid for Becky and Kyle's wedding!! So honoured and excited!!

♡Watching The Masked Singer UK. Scrolling through Twitter in-between the ad breaks to see who people were guessing and discussing with friends who we think the celebs are

♡Making a little bit of extra cash with Branded Surveys in my spare time to go towards my savings each month

♡The UK government finally giving us a glimmer of hope that normality is on the horizon 

♡Hot chocolates from Costa Coffee drive-thru. Delicious!

♡A late afternoon walk with Kate, giving her the grand tour of the area where I live, visiting Mowbray Park and reminiscing over funny memories of school

♡Watching RuPaul's Drag Race UK & USA. Bing bang bong, sing sang song. If you know, you know

♡Being so close to completing my Invisalign treatment *fingers crossed*

♡Visiting Sarah for a warm, lunchtime walk around Newton Aycliffe and having a change of scenery

♡Running errands for my Gran. It's been keeping me busy whilst on furlough and getting me out of the house which is great!

♡Sunnier days and milder weather

Thanks for reading! <3
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