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March 05, 2021

March Flowers

Another month, another bouquet! Or should I say two this time. I'll explain in a second but first of all, those roses: wow! They lasted a good 3 weeks which I've never known of roses to last that long for. I've been so impressed! 

For March's little bouquet of joy, I was in Sainsbury's this time, doing the food shop with my Gran and two small bunches of flowers caught my eye that I thought would look so pretty mixed together. The first ones were these gorgeous pink tulips, which initially were tightly closed but add water and BAM! they have bloomed so lovely! The second bunch caught my eye due to how unusual it was to see them sold at a supermarket (or maybe I've not took much notice before) but these gorgeous irises. Iris was actually the name of my Grandma too. I decided to buy them both, the latter as a homage to my late Grandma.

Although I did a very foolish thing and forgot to put them both in water straight away, so two days later I came to do so and the tulips were so droopy they looked like an upside down 'U' and the irises had become quite dry. I was so annoyed at myself but I put them in the vase with fresh water in the hopes that it will revive them. Like I said before, the petals instantly opened! Thankfully after a day or so the tulip's stems felt more rigid and the bunch were back to standing up straight. The irises also managed to get hydrated enough so all was not lost but they did wilt quickly. It's a shame though, as the irises would have looked more amazing if I'd not been so careless to start with. I hope they sell them again so I can redeem myself next time!

After a week or so some of the tulips were starting to wilt so I thought its time to treat myself to another bunch of flowers. My Gran and I had been to Marks & Spencer again and after last month's roses being so impressive I thought I'd go for another fresh bunch from their flower selection. I chose these vibrant yellow roses. An unusual choice for me but there was something about them this time I was drawn to. Maybe it was the bright colour that I needed to spruce my room up with. Regardless, I brought them home and decided to mix them in with the rest of the pink tulips and I love the colour combination! <3

Thanks for reading! <3
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