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May 31, 2021

May Roundup 2021

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♡Starting the month off strong with receiving really positive feedback from my performance review at work!

♡Celebrating bank holiday Monday by having food with the gang at The Food Pit in Durham. The weather was horrendous and poured down but seeing my faves made the day much brighter.

♡Cocktails and catch ups with Hannah at The Palm. So lovely catching up with her.

♡More reading. I finished "You Do You*" by Sarah Knight and now I'm starting to read "Breakfast At Tiffany's*" by Truman Capote. I've heard the story is much darker than the film, so I'm intrigued to see how it compares.

♡Catching up with my lovely work wives, Donna and Mariya from my previous job. We spent the afternoon having a good laugh down the Quayside in Newcastle whilst enjoying some drinks and good food at the HWKR Food Market at By The River Brew Co.

♡My two best mates, Tom and Sarah celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary <3

♡Celebrated my brother's 33rd birthday by having a takeaway pizza night with the family.

♡Busy few weeks at work = more money saved for future plans!

♡Started playing New Pokémon Snap*! It is so cute! The graphics are so gorgeous too. 

♡A cosy night in at Kate's house having a catch up.

♡Restaurants being open again for indoor dining. My family and I visited one of our local Italian restaurants to celebrate my brother's birthday.

♡A lovely day spent with my Gran and her sister (who was visiting that week). The day consisted of a long walk along the seafront, brunch at Love Lily tearoom, visiting a local garden centre to buy some shrubs for my Gran's balcony and meeting the owner of the garden centre's cute doggo, Hugo. The evening was spent having a delicious meal at another local restaurant just the 3 of us.

♡Being asked at work if I'd like to put my name forward for an apprenticeship scheme where I can learn new skills whilst I work. Sounds exciting!

♡Having such a good laugh on delivery at work these past few weeks. Always great bantz in the stockroom!

♡A cosy pizza night in at Nina's house. Getting doggo cuddles off Sookie whilst I serenaded her to "I'll make a man out of you" from Mulan. Then Nina and I ordered a takeaway from Domino's and watching John Tucker Must Die and 10 Things I Hate About You - classics!

♡Finally having a productive day off work to catch up on errands and chores

♡My cousin giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Poppy <3

♡Officially signed up to start my apprenticeship scheme with work

♡A meal out with Nina at San Marino restaurant. Good to be back out in restaurants again.

♡Celebrating Beth's hen do with the work ladies at her ABBA themed hen party! Loved getting all dressed up in costume!

♡Celebrating the end of a great month with a pre-baby shower for Sarah with the gang and everyone all dressing up in pink for the occasion.

Thanks for reading! <3
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