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April 30, 2021

April Roundup 2021

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♡Spending a sunny afternoon in Nina's garden, celebrating that we can spend time outside with friends again. And our hilarious efforts at building a fire pit (it was a success!)

♡Nina also surprising me by getting me an Easter egg, what a cutie she is!

♡Visiting Hamsterley Forest with the gang and spending more time outdoors.

♡Celebrating 9 years of my blog, Violet Daffodils!

♡Updating old blog posts. There was a few posts I felt that the photography and text needed a refresh. I've also posted some old drafts that were gathering dust too. Forever working behind the scenes instead of posting regularly, doh!

♡Finally getting my nails done. So happy to have the ol' talons back!

♡The stores reopening again and seeing some hints of normality returning.

♡Being back at work now that the stores have reopened! So happy to be busy again.

♡Accepting a new contract at work shortly after being offered my first permanent contract last month. Meaning a boost to my hours and a good variety of work.

♡Earning more money after months of feeling like a sitting duck on furlough.

♡Visiting Newton Aycliffe to spend time with Becky and Sarah.

♡Being introduced to mango and passionfruit coolers at Costa Coffee. Officially ADDICTED!

♡Trying on my bridesmaid dress! So exciting!! I can't wait for Becky and Kyle's big day!

♡Reaching the end of my Invisalign treatment. I still have some refinements left but the end is finally in sight.

♡Another garden hang out, this time at Kate's house. Sitting out on the patio in the sunshine and catching up on life.

♡A new season means new work uniform and I've treated myself to some gorgeous pieces <3

♡Building myself a newer and better clothing rail than the last one I bought at the start of the year (this one actually stands up on it's own this time!). I decided to use it to separate my work clothes from my non-work clothes. So much easier to decide what to wear now. 

♡Being able to donate items to charities again. Supporting great causes and slowly but surely creating extra space in my room.

♡Connecting with friends more. Being able to meet up safely again has made a huge difference to my mental wellbeing. Face to face conversations are the best! 

♡Getting new glasses. My vision has deteriorated since my last check up, so some new specs are on the horizon. It takes me 84 years to decide on frames I like when I'm at the opticians but it's worth it for having a pair I'm looking forward to wearing. 

♡Binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Still going strong with this one. I'm currently halfway through season 11. 

♡Getting back into reading again. I've enjoyed cosy evenings in bed, relaxing with some light reading. I've just finished reading "Get Your Shit Together*" by Sarah Knight and now I'm starting her follow up book called "You Do You*".

New Pok√©mon Snap* finally came out for the Nintendo Switch! I was obsessed with the original game growing up so I can't wait to play this!

♡Ending the month on a high with getting great recognition at work, yay!

Thanks for reading! <3
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