Thursday, 6 June 2013

Riverside Park

Hello lovelies!
I went to Riverside Park to wander around as I have never been before. I like to go to different places to explore. I think a change of scenery is always a good idea now and again. I think the park is such a lovely place, the park has so much open space, lots of greenery and the river itself is beautiful. It seems to be a big fan of dog walkers too, So many cute dogs arounds :) The key factor to my trip was of course the animals! Down by the riverside there was tons of swans and ducks. I was in my element! Ducks are one of my favourite animals, they're just so cute! I could sit and watch them all day as I find it so relaxing. I also couldn't resist paddling my feet in the river to cool off on this very hot day. Bliss! After the walk along the riverside, we then decided to chill out on the picnic benches and munch some tasty burgers and slurp on some blue slushies, it was so delicious! :) After refuelling I then lay on the grass in the park and basked in the sunshine. All in all an amazing sunny day out :)
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Beautiful Kimono Jacket For Any Occasion

Hello lovely people! :)
Just before Uni finished for the summer I decided to purchase this little lovely from Topshop. I think kimonos are so beautiful to wear and are perfect for the summer when the air is not so cold on the evening to through over a dress or a top and jeans. I was drawn to this due to its gorgeous pattern and colour. There is also a jumpsuit with the same pattern and material too which I'm in limbo about buying as well. I think kimonos are a key piece to any wardrobe as they fit any occasion. I've worn mine to meet friends for drinks and also with family having a meal at a restaurant but I can also see myself rockin' the 'mono on a lovely sunny day out or at a special event like an engagement party or a birthday night out too. Another fan of the 'mono is my Mother, as she has an obsession with anything oriental! I think I might have tempted her into buying the same one for herself, Haha! Twinnies! ;) Anyway I shall leave you all to see who else enjoys wearing his 'mono: Click (New Girl fans will appreciate!)

Take care of yourselves!
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