Monday, 18 February 2013


Hello lovelies!
For a while now I have contemplated dying my hair lilac at the ends and even after buying the Directions lilac hair dye, I had still put off dying it so many times. But finally I manned up today and gave it a whirl. I just wanted to do something a little more adventurous with my hair as I was getting in a bit of a hair rut with my brunette locks and for some reason had always been quite drawn to lilac dip dye so decided to give it a try. First thing I had to do was dip dye my hair blonde in order to do this so I'd recommend doing that before you do anything else, I used the Loreal Wild Ombres to get the ends of my hair blonde, which took 30mins for it to take effect and then using the comb that came with it, I covered the comb with the Directions dye and brushed it into my hair until all the blonde bits were completely covered by the purple dye and the above photo was the final result. To be honest I was pretty disappointed with the result, I was hoping for a much more in-your-face pastel shade which as you can see didn't do that at all but nevermind at least I've gave it a try and luckily it washes out quickly ;) Also as my Mam said, the blonde actually warmed my face whereas this colour doesn't. 

With my Mam's comment in mind, I have definitely thought more about going back to having blonde on the ends as I am intrigued with this whole new 'ombre' and 'dip dye' malarky, that could potentially be my next step with my hair so stay tuned for that :)

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