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October 31, 2014


First of all, happy Halloween!
Recently at work we have been going in wearing fancy dress in the run up to Halloween. As you will have seen on the blog already I went as a gothic fairy for one of the days. On the final day of fancy dress week, I decided to mix things up a bit and use this pot of pink hair chalk in the shade 'Tickle Me Pink' that I bought a while ago from The Body Shop when I first dip dyed my hair. I'd seen this product doing the rounds on the blogosphere and I gave in to the hype. I'd bought it originally with the idea that I would use it every once in a while to mix it up with the colour but had never got around to trying it until today. Here is a mini tutorial on how I did it:

First I held the pot of chalk in my hand and using my thumb and fingers I applied the chalk on to my hair until I was satisfied with how pink my hair was. It's great because you can control how bright you want the colour to be. In hindsight though, I realised this was a much messier way of doing things and after further reading, realised I should have used a sponge to help apply the colour directly onto my hair. After the application of the chalk I then lightly used some hairspray to lock in the colour. Doing this keeps the chalk attached to the hair for longer and prevent it from coming off onto your neck and clothes. 

Afterwards, I then washed my hands to remove the pigment off of them. Again in hindsight this is where I should have washed the sponge instead of using my hands. I then noticed I had some of the chalk on my neck so I used makeup wipes to remove any extra bits of chalk. 

And that's it! Easy peasy! I'm really impressed with how pigmented the chalk is and how the effect came out. The colour looks far more vibrant than when I dyed the ends purple. I think having the ends of my hair blonde probably helped with the hot pink vibrancy of the results however on darker hair I bet the raspberry shade the effect of the chalk would give would look gorgeous too. I had a lot of fun trying out this hair chalk and I think this is a great idea for testing out a new hair colour, changing up your look or even for a fancy dress idea. The beauty of this product is the colour washes out straight away so it's not a huge hair commitment to make if you change your mind or dislike the results. I would recommend giving the ends of your hair some tlc when washing out the colour afterwards as the chalk and hair spray combination left my hair feeling dry at the ends. Overall though I am happy I tried this out. I definitely want to give this chalk another go in future! Who knows? Maybe I'll even try dying it hot pink for real ;)

Thanks for reading! <3
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