Saturday, 5 December 2015

What's In My Advent Calendar 2015: Matalan The Sweetest Thing Advent Calendar

About a month ago I purchased this adorable 'The Sweetest Thing' advent calendar from Matalan after it caught my eye during a VM nightshift, with it's very cute packaging with the unicorn illustration, which includes 24 days worth of mini nail varnishes. I normally go for chocolate filled calendars but last year I just wasn't craving it like I normally would and I'd be away from home for a few days at a time seeing my boyfriend so I'd lose track of the days and with it, I lost the sparkle of excitement I'd have in past years. This year I decided I'd get a more practical advent calendar that I would enjoy and get a lot of use from throughout the year so I chose this one. Here's what colours were inside:

Days 6-10
(Days 1-5 in the title image)

Days 11-15

Days 16-20

Days 21-24

Overall I've been really impressed with this calendar. When it comes to nail varnish brands, I'm not usually fussy about them as long as I like the colours and the consistency is good. The variety in the colours is brilliant and you could say it caters to all seasons. Not only has it given me colour choices that I tend to repurchase, it has also given me colours that I'd personally not have normally chosen for myself but I'm desperate to try out now, such as these ones listed below.

As I've gotten older, I've noticed there tends to be more selection for advent calendars with the likes of make up, skin care, candles and the like hitting the shelves more and more every year. Although some can be crazy amounts of money, I do think they can be really beneficial to invest in them. They can be great gifts and useful for those who are wanting to sample different products or sample products from a particular brand or someone just getting into beauty or skin care, etc. I think there is some out there where you can get some really great items to try out and potentially find new favourite products. The same way I have found some new favourite nail varnish colours from this one and the fact it was much cheaper than some of the ones I've seen out there at only £12, it really was worth the money. I can't wait to try out all the new colours I've got.

Thanks for reading & Let me know which colour is your favourite :)

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