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February 18, 2018

Snow Day Snaps

Is anyone else relieved that the horrendous snowy weather is over? Because same.
In the UK it always feels like the world comes to a halt the second there is any sign of snow fall. My family and friends ended up being told they didn't need to come into work and university as they were shut and the roads were so bad which for some there was joy at a few extra days off but others felt it was annoying that they couldn't get any work done as they enjoy being busy. Fortunately with working from home, the weather didn't impact my work load so I was able to continue to crack on as normal. The one thing that really bugs me about when the weather is like this is that driving in the snow is a bloody nightmare. The strug is real when attempting to manoeuvre my little fiat out of the garage. This usually means I can't really go out anywhere to see Dan and my friends so although I ended up spending my evenings playing on my xbox (what else is new?), I did get serious cabin fever from being stuck inside so much.

What I do enjoy about the snow is how it lays like a white blanket over everything. It does look rather aesthetically pleasing but only from the comfort of my own home haha. The other thing I have enjoyed particularly this time round was seeing how excited Luna gets about the snow. She has her little spot on the landing where she chills out and stares out the window, watching the world go by. She always looks so content and in awe of the snow which is so adorable. I wonder what she thinks about it. It's even more adorable the second she gets let outside. She goes absolutely crazy with excitement the moment she steps out in it, running and jumping around, leaping up at me to as if she's trying to get me to understand her excitement, sniffing out her toys that are buried underneath the snow and eating the small mound of snow from when my brother was starting to attempt to build a snowman haha. Especially when she raises her head up again afterwards and her nose and snout gets covered in snow. It has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Thanks for reading! <3
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