Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Lost Blogs

Hello everyone & wishing you all a happy Sunday!
Over this weekend I have delved into the depths of my archives on my external hard drive and by happy accident I came across an abundance of photographs that I had intended to use for blog posts ages ago. I'm talking a couple of years worth. Featuring holiday snaps, fun days out, video games, hauls, exhibitions, beauty bits and more. I took these photographs because they made me happy and some come with amazing memories and experiences alongside them. Memories I want to share with you.
The reason they had been gathering dust for so long is due to a bunch of factors. One of the main factors was due to my Grandad passing away a few years ago and specifically that year he died in particular, I completely lost motivation to do much. Especially blogging. I had this content to share but zero energy to do so for a long time, only posting the odd post here and there when in fact creating content would have probably made me feel happier. As it is usually my creative outlet and my escapism from everyday life.
Another big factor was timing. I would, on occasion (still guilty of it now if I'm honest) have either the photographs ready but no writing, the blog post idea there with no idea how to start the post or the post written but no photographs to back it up. By the time I had a full post ready the time would have ticked away and it'd be weeks and weeks later and I'd personally feel that the moment had passed to post out that content. That it wasn't relevant anymore. Which looking back just sounds ridiculous to me but that's how I felt at the time.
As well as that, I struggled to find editing software that I felt comfortable with and the usual issue in the blogging world of comparing myself to others and not feeling good enough which would put me off creating anything. Fortunately I have been able to stop comparison from taking over my blog and I've found software that I'm comfortable with now so that has got my motivation back again and I'm ready to say sod it to my old way of thinking and share all these old posts with you and thus 'The Lost Blogs' series has been born. These posts will be mixed in with my more up to date content so it will still be varied as it normally is. Regardless of all that I do hope you enjoy them and continue to support my blog like you always do :)

Thanks for reading & I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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