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January 06, 2019

Travel Experiences You Should Try In 2019*

One of the questions that’s always on a travellers lips is “where shall I go next?”. With so many incredible wonders of the world, it can be difficult choosing where to go and what to experience on your next journey! So, to help you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of the top travelling experiences that you should most definitely try in 2019 so that you can better make a decision on where to go next! Check it out:

New York

Visiting the incredible city of New York is something that everyone should do at least once due to the sheer amount of amazing things that you can do. From tasting some of the finest food in the world, to seeing all the sites, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. Many tourists of New York comments that they wish they had longer in this breathtaking city, so it might be an idea to take an extended stay in a furnished apartment in New York so that you can have as much comfort as possible during your stay!


We know that Christmas has just been and gone, but Lapland is without a doubt, an experience that everybody should have at least once in their lifetime! Imagine cosying up in a log cabin, drinking hot chocolate (or something stronger), and travelling everywhere using the power of huskies? And of course, don’t forget the magic of having the chance to meet Santa Claus himself! Lapland is an experience that’s tailored to everyone from all walks of life, but if you’ve got children, we can guarantee that the experience will be even better when you see their faces light up! Consider a trip to Lapland in time for next Christmas!


Even if you’re not the type of person that usually climbs mountains, we definitely think that you should consider climbing Kilimanjaro at some point in 2019. Here’s why:

* There are four different routes that will all give you an incredible experience, all different to each other too.
* While there are better times of the year to visit, they are spread out between many months, so you’ve got a high chance of having the best experience possible.
* have experienced tours that are both private and open that will give you the best experience possible.
* The views are incredible.

The one thing to remember is that with an experience like this, you will have to be prepared for difficult conditions and hard work - but it’s so totally worth it!

Northern Lights

Finally, imagine camping with those closest to you and watching the sky twinkle away in front of you - doesn’t it sound perfect? We definitely recommend the Northern Lights in 2019, and don’t forget to take your camera!
Thanks for reading! <3
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  1. For starters, happy new year!🎊🎉 I can't remember the last time I dropped a line on here! Wow!! You obviously have travelled alot of places as having aspirations to go see the Northern Lights is incredible!!😲😲 Have you read the book with the same title, by Philip Pullman? If not, would definitely recommend you reading it!After going on a Mediterranean cruise during Christmas, before having never travelled anywhere else apart from the Caribbean, makes me want to explore more of Europe and even more!

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! :D happy new year to you too! I'm the same, I'd love to visit more European countries in the future too! Ooh I've not heard of that book but thanks for the recommendation, I'll take a look asap! :D xx

  2. I agree New York is definitely a must-visit for everyone's bucket list! I'm so desperate to go back!

    1. Aw me too! We went in the winter, but I'd love to go back again in some of the warmer months in future! :D thanks for commenting Kathleen! :D xx

  3. I really really REALLY need to go to New York, multiple times haha! It looks like an incredible place.
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex blog

    1. Hahaha! I hope you get the chance to go Vicki, I think you would love it! :D xx

  4. I would so love to visit Lapland or New York, they're definitely both on my wishlist of places to visit xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. I hope you get the chance to visit them! New York was brilliant, I'd love to go back one day :D xx

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