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January 30, 2019

Boyzone's Thank You & Goodnight: The Farewell Tour At The Utilita Arena, Newcastle

What an amazing night tonight! Last year I had treated my Mam and I to tickets to see Boyzone at Utilita Arena Newcastle and tonight was finally the night we got to see them.

Before they came on, they had supporting acts called Asher Knight and Luena, both were amazing! They really got the crowd ready for the band and their vocals were gorgeous to listen to. Now on to the main event:

I had always hoped that one day I would get to see them live again as - fun fact for you here, Boyzone were the first concert I ever saw back when I was wee young lass. Although I have actually seen them since then, I was so excited to go again and relive the nostalgia that their songs bring.

Before I talk about the songs, can I just say, wow! They all still look so handsome, especially my boys Shayne and Keith. Will forever swoon over those two. Especially Keith's amazing costume with the embellished studded leather jacket and his earring. DAYUM!

They were brilliant at working the crowd and bantering with the audience which had me laughing throughout. Particularly enjoyed the comment about the name of the tour being farewell but they said "farewell" with the air quotes, hinting that it's not the last tour they will ever do. Always good to know! They also used the main stage and then switched to a stage in the centre of the arena which was right next to where we were so I we got to see them perform quite close up which was amazing! Aside from that, they still can belt out the hits. I felt transported back in time to bopping along to their greatest hits in my Mam's car on the way to school all those years ago and singing my heart out.

I also liked that this time round they all had equal amounts of time to sing and even sang parts of songs they didn't originally do which was good to see. They did a mix of Boyzone hits and Ronan Keating's solo hits. Again, they divided up the singing amongst them which I really enjoyed. They also paid a lovely, moving tribute to Stephen Gately, his vocals on No Matter What are some of my favourites.

I thought the set list for the concert was a brilliant mix of the classic hits, Ronan's old hits and their new stuff. I wasn't particularly invested in their newer music but it was still good to listen to. I found myself being stood next to what can only be described as Boyzone's 'biggest fan', she was an absolute drunken nutcase which provided lots of entertainment for me. She knew literally every word to every song and knew all the hand gestures and dance moves to them all as well haha! Speaking of the set list, here is what they performed:

Set List:
Who We Are | Coming Home Now | Isn't It A Wonder | Love Is A Hurricane | Baby Can I Hold You | You Needed Me | All That I Need | I Love The Way You Love Me | Father And Son | Dream | Every Day I Love You | Key To My Life | Love | Words | Talk About Love | When You Say Nothing At All | Because | Love Me For A Reason | No Matter What | A Different Beat 

When The Going Gets Tough | Life Is A Rollercoaster | Picture Of You

Did you go to the gig? & do you have a favourite Boyzone song? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always, thanks for reading! <3



  1. Sounds like an amazing concert and the photos are great :)

    Maglie Milan Bambino

    1. Thank you Maglie :D it really was! I had a fab time :D xx

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