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December 20, 2019

Divers' Favourite: Pescador Island

  Image Source: Pexels 

Sitting alone on Tañon Strait, Pescador Island is a haven for diving enthusiasts. The island belongs to the municipality of Moalboal. Located a few kilometers off mainland Cebu, the only way to get to Pescador Island is by boat, and it would take around 15 minutes of boat ride to get to the island. 

You should not miss going to Pescador Island when in Cebu. The clear waters, the rich sea life and magnificent corals of the island makes it ideal for those who love exploring the undersea world.  

Pescador comes from a Spanish word which means fisherman. Local fishermen used to fish there during the Spanish era.  Being made almost completely out of coral rock indicates that the island might have once been located underwater. Once you dock, you may take a rocky trail which leads into the woods, where marine birds and small reptiles and mammals reside. However, one has to get there early in the morning for soon fellow divers would be flocking on and crowding around the island. Call a Cebu trip tours travel agency to get this included in your itinerary. 

On the island you can find a solar-powered lighthouse surrounded by a wire fence to keep visitors at bay. The lighthouse guides the ships sailing along Tañon Strait. While in the island, one can appreciate the breathtaking view of the islands of Cebu and neighboring Negros.   
Even though a lot of the areas in Pescador Island are high, making the rocky island a perfect spot for cliff divers, you don't have to go deeper than 15 feet of water to get to explore the coral reefs that abound the island. While marvelling at the large, healthy, multi-layered corals, you will also spot starfish in every size and shape. 

The fish in the corals are already quite used to people and some would even swim up to you for a closer look. Tañon Strait, which is home to several species of porpoises, dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles, rays, crustaceans and mollusks, among others, is one of the most vibrant marine habitats in the Philippines. If you want to see the dolphins playing in the water, be in the island as early as 6:00 a.m. The whale shark watching in Oslob is also nearby so you may want to consider including it in the itinerary as well.  

Dive into Pescador Island's waters and explore further the healthy and huge corals that are breeding and hunting grounds for fish such as the blue damselfish and clownfish. Go deeper and you are bound to see more marine treasures. 

 Image Source: Pexels
Here are a few reminders should you visit the island: 

1. Never touch the corals underwater as they are fragile.  
2. Avoid scaring the fish and other marine creatures. This means you should not touch them, both for their and your own good, as many of these creatures are aggressive or poisonous.  
3. Dispose of your rubbish properly. Take your rubbish back to the city for proper disposal. Avoid taking any rock or plant. 

It isn't surprising that tourists who love the sea heed to the quiet calls of Pescador Island, crossing the waters just to reach the island. Its treasure trove of marine life will prove irresistible and will satisfy curious snorkelers and divers alike. 

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