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December 08, 2019

My Instagram Top Nine 2019

It's that time of the year again! The time where Instagram's Top Nine starts doing the rounds and we share online what our most popular photographs were throughout the year. I did a post on my Instagram Top Nine 2018 last year for a bit of fun, so I thought I would give it a go for 2019 and see what the results show. To have a go yourself, click on this link which will take you to Top Nine's website, then you add your Instagram handle and email address and it shows you your top nine Instagram photographs of 2019, which you can save directly or download from your email address.
After starting my blog Instagram account last summer, I was curious to see what was the most popular from having the account officially over a whole year. I also used this website to work out the results for my personal account too just to compare posts and was surprised to see that my travel posts did better on that one as opposed to my blog account which is interesting! I think possibly because I don't use it as much as my blog one and only tend to post more when I've been away whereas I'm more active on the former so it's been fun to see the differences and the mixture of old and new memories tied to each image on both accounts. 2019 has been a significant year for me with so much that has happened throughout the year and this is a fun little way of reflecting back on it. I hope 2020 brings me even more wonderful moments and memories!

Blog Account:

1. Attending my work's Christmas party last year. I love this sparkly, sequinned red dress!
2. Sleepy eyes and eating a Burger King in Newcastle airport before heading to Rome for my best friend's hen weekend.
3. My outfit for celebrating Valentine's Day.
4. One of my favourite photographs of Luna from last December, having a little snooze whilst my Mam and I were putting the Christmas decorations up.
5. A random selfie I took in February. I love this blue stripy top from Monki.
6. New Year's Eve 2018 with the gang at Becky and Kyle's house with disco lights and glow sticks.
7. Luna at Herrington Park, one of our favourite places to go on walks. You can see Penshaw Monument in the distance.
8. BUBBLES!! Enjoying the bubbles in Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome.
9. Stood in front of the Colosseum in Rome. I loved this trip so much! <3

Personal Account:

1. Being a bridesmaid for my best friends' Sarah and Tom's wedding <3
2. My first solo trip which took me to Amsterdam in June. The canals were so pretty!
3. A throwback photo to Rome in 2018 in front of the Colosseum, I was excited to go back this year!
4. Sitting in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome this year.
5. My bridesmaid makeup for Sarah and Tom's wedding.
6. Celebrating my 27th birthday in Barcelona with a margarita cocktail in hand, bliss!
7. A room in the Moco Musuem full of basketballs, volleyballs and footballs in Amsterdam.
8. My outfit for my last night in Barcelona, I visited the Fountains of Montjuic to end a great solo trip.
9. A selfie before my interview with BBC Newcastle Radio to talk about my blog and my solo travel experiences.

Thanks for reading! <3
& Feel free to share yours below too :)

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