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January 20, 2021

New Pantherine Storage From Spectrum Collections

You may have seen in my previous post that on New Year's Eve I decided to treat myself to some gorgeous new storage from Spectrum Collections, more specifically from their Pantherine collection. I'd had my eye on the acrylic triple storage pot and acrylic storage trays for a while now when they sent out their newsletter announcing the arrival of their stunning collection, and after my annual Boxing Day declutter I noticed my makeup storage desperately needed an upgrade from the grubby Charlotte Tilbury packaging box I'd been using for many many years now. So on NYE I decided to treat myself and they have since arrived!

Firstly, I absolutely adore the packaging that they arrived in. Almost too pretty to open! Spectrum always send their items in fabulous quality packages and this was no different. I also noticed inside the delivery box it offered some additional information about the brand, such as they are vegan and cruelty free which is always brilliant to see brands supporting this, supporting buying less products but in better quality therefore less wasteful and finally working towards attaining sustainability. Ticking all the boxes here Spectrum Collections!

The area in which I do my makeup in is definitely not as glamorous as other people's I've seen. None of the fancy bright white washed dressing rooms with mirrors that are decorated in bulbs for the best lighting (maybe one day, ha!). Mine consists of a propped up mirror in the far corner, a fabric mat in front of it to avoid too many marks on my cream carpet (that failed) with storage boxes, trays and an Ohhdeer mug I use to store brushes in. I think it was about time my makeup storage had a little boost of affordable luxury.

The storage products I bought look absolutely gorgeous in the dark tortoise shell design. The quality is amazing and the products feel durable as well as being visually appealing. I admit I wasn't sure if the sizing of the items would be too small for that corner of my room but it was perfect! The trays are around the same size as my old Charlotte Tilbury box and the triple storage pot has enough space and compartments to fit my additional makeup brushes in them and other beauty knick-knacks. Overall, if it wasn't obvious enough I am thrilled with my new purchases, my makeup space has been spruced up and I'm confident these investment pieces will last me a very long time. Now, onto my next order of business: organising the rest of my room! Eek, wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! <3
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