Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Iceskating At Beamish

Hello lovelies!
A few weeks ago, by some miracle it turned out that the girls and I all had the same day off of work which is an extremely rare occurrence! So we decided to plan it out and make a day of it and rather go for food somewhere local, we changed it up and headed to Beamish for the day. Beamish is known for it's old fashioned style, showing visitors examples of old classrooms, playground entertainment, tram systems, sweet shops, etc. I remember going there back in the day at primary school so it brought up nostalgic feelings, especially the back of the sweet shop where you can watch how cinder toffee gets made, although this time they had no sugar mice! (cry) However they did have apple bonbons which are an absolute fave of mine so all was not lost ;) One of the main reasons why Beamish was so appealing was at the moment they have an ice rink up until the 1st March, so we had decided to go iceskating, which I absolutely LOVE!
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