Saturday, 5 December 2015

Advent Calendar: Days 1-5

About a month ago I purchased this adorable 'The Sweetest Thing' advent calendar from Matalan after it caught my eye during a VM nightshift, which includes 24 days worth of mini nail varnishes. I normally go for chocolate filled calendars but last year I just wasn't craving it like I normally would and I'd be away from home for a few days at a time and I lost the sparkle of excitement I'd have in past years so I decided this year I'd get something that I would actually enjoy and get to use throughout the year too. Also it has a cute unicorn illustration which I love too.
Overall I've really liked the colours that have come out of this calendar. I'm not a snob when it comes to brands of nail varnish, as long as it does the job I have no preference over what brand it is. However there is some colours I tend to repurchase and some colours that I have never tried, like the Taupe/Beige coloured nail varnish from Day #4 and this calendar has gave me the option to have that and give it a try which I think is a really good idea.
The older I get and the more I'm exposed to more festive things and ideas, the more I've realised how popular and beneficial it is having a calendar that has something a bit more useful with it. Maybe I'm an old soul or maybe my taste buds have changed and don't give me the craving for advent calendar chocolate (send help!) but I think these type of calendars that include items that are around more these days are a great gift for those who are into beauty or wanting to try something new. I think you can get some really great items within them to try out so I think they are worth having far much more and are appreciated more.
Although I've seen some incredible calendars advertised out there, I really enjoyed my cheaper option from Matalan at £12 (with Staff Discount) and I can't wait to try out all the colours in the new year.
Thanks for reading & Let me know which colour is your favourite :)
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